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Trying to conceive second baby - excited!

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Helpmelmaooo Wed 17-Apr-19 16:20:24

Hi all!
Just thought I'd post on here to start a discussion/collect opinions and ideas etc - anything really!
I've got a lovely little girl who is 16 months. My partner and I have decided to start trying to conceive our second baby in June and I'm just so excited! I know I'm way ahead of myself but as this is my second time around I've already picked out my pram etc, the first time I knew nothing about babies so I sort of just went with it.
I did have a termination 7 months ago as I became pregnant but it was just too soon after my first baby, we were having financial and housing issues etc but now I feel ready, I've just moved house and we are settled.
My partner has previously been diagnosed with low sperm count.. however both times I conceived quite easily (missing pills) so do you think low sperm count can be "cured"?
I'm just so bloody excited!

Yorkshiredolls Thu 18-Apr-19 19:06:17

Hello i’ll happily join you, I’m gearing up to TTC baby #2 also, from about the 1st of May. I’m Sooooo broody! I think i’m actually on ov day today but we’re going away with the in laws for a mid week break at the end of the month and i want to delay ttc til after it, because if i did conceive this month i’d be due to test while we’re away. DD is 2 1/2amd i’m dying to be able to give her a sibling

Yorkshiredolls Thu 18-Apr-19 19:08:04

..and it’s likely to be a boozy affair and they will sniff it out in a heartbeat if I was off the booze and avoiding the sauna grin

YouBoggleMyMind Thu 18-Apr-19 19:11:53

Also in the boat for baby no2! Just waiting for this cycle to finish and then we'll start trying. January 2020 babies 🙌🏻

YouBoggleMyMind Thu 18-Apr-19 19:12:48

Well 2020 babies if I actually read properly! 😂

Helpmelmaooo Thu 18-Jul-19 15:08:35

ANyone managed it yet? 😊

Yorkshiredolls Thu 18-Jul-19 16:04:53

Hey yes ☺️ I got my bfp first month trying i’m 8+2 and due Feb x

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