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Late period

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Laurens96 Wed 17-Apr-19 08:31:40

Hi ladies
So this is my first cycle off the pill and I'm 4 days late for my period.
I went to see my doctor who did a pregnancy test which was negative.
He told me that coming off the pill shouldn't completely mess up your cycle so I should come on anytime now.
He said that if I don't get my period in 5 days repeat the pregnancy test. I'm supposed to keep taking a test every 5 days until I either get my period or get a positive test.
Has anyone else gotten pregnant before getting their first natural period as I don't want to keep spending money on tests for it to come back negative.
Thanks for any help x

RudyRoo Wed 17-Apr-19 08:43:03

It is entirely possible but I think it's more likely that your body is just readjusting to coming off the pill (Sorry) It took me about 7 weeks for me to get mine after coming off and they are still pretty irregular 8 months later. Good luck 🤞🏼

Laurens96 Wed 17-Apr-19 09:22:44

I've had period aches and pains the last few days but no period although I had slight spotting last week

MrsEG Wed 17-Apr-19 09:31:24

When I came off the pill it took 8 weeks to get a period; after that, they were really regular smile

Laurens96 Wed 17-Apr-19 09:35:46

Thank you for the advice ladies.
My partner keeps telling me to take a clear blue but don't see the point paying that much this early on.
It's because his ex got pregnant quickly with both of their 2 so he keeps comparing our situation to the one he went through with her which is slightly annoying for me x

Rosie2531 Wed 17-Apr-19 22:40:23

I've just had to wait 8 weeks for af after coming off the mini pill. Such a nightmare!

Hope af comes for you soon smile

Mycrazylife85 Wed 17-Apr-19 22:57:55

Took 74 days for my period to arrive having stopped the pill. Only had one so far. From what I had read anything between 3-6 months is fairly normal

Laurens96 Thu 18-Apr-19 08:12:50

The doctors said that if af doesn't come within 5 days to take another test and keep repeating the process until I either get a positive or af.
Saturday would make it 1 week late so wouldn't really get a positive anyway depending when I ovulated and that's only if I get pregnant straight away.
Hopefully it's 1 or the other soon to stop the partner over reacting at the tiniest thing x

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