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Is this an early line . Extremely faint

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bk00 Wed 17-Apr-19 07:11:17

May have line eyes but can anyone see it?
Suspected implantation cramps and today is day 3 of them

Haven't had a period for a few months

Whyhaveidonethis Wed 17-Apr-19 07:12:42

I'm sorry I can't see anything but sometimes it's difficult to tell in pictures. Good luck. Xxx

StyleOfTheTimes Wed 17-Apr-19 07:13:08

Sorry I can’t see anything. Maybe try again in a few days?

Waitingonasmiley42 Wed 17-Apr-19 07:26:57

I can't see anything

Good luck

bk00 Wed 17-Apr-19 07:30:09

I will try again tomorrow, it is only day3 of cramps today so I suppose it could need a few more days to show In urine if it is implantation cramps 🙂

JohnoWhits Wed 17-Apr-19 09:58:26

How many dpo are you? I don’t see anything I’m afraid.

Samind Wed 17-Apr-19 10:01:23

I dont see anything OP. Good luck

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