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Severe Symptom Searching! 2WW!

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mila1988 Tue 16-Apr-19 09:51:41

I'm a few days past ovulation and I'm already symptom searching! I know i know nothing actually happens until at least 6/7 DPO sad

But, can anyone share their experience of any symptoms you may have had a few days after ovulation? x

Claire78564 Tue 16-Apr-19 10:57:39

Hi @mila1988! It’s so hard not to symptom search. I am currently 8/9 dpo and really not holding out much hope for this cycle sad the only symptoms I’ve had is painful boobs more so the left than the right, at the sides which start roughly 1/2 days after ovulation. This has sadly disappeared today so I think I’m gonna come on at the weekend sad I’ve also had light cramps mainly where I would say my uterus is but not like period cramps. More like light uncomfortable feelings. Yesterday it was more like a hot sensation. I’ve had a bit of creamy watery cm but nothing much. I just hope Monday comes and I get a positive result...not holding my breath. How about you? X

mila1988 Tue 16-Apr-19 11:10:34

@Claire78564 aww I hope you get a BFP come Monday! I'm around 2/3 DPO which is literally when nothing happens and you go crazy searching google for symptoms and what everything means! ahh! How long have you been TTC? is this your first? Atleast you're feeling some symptoms smile

Claire78564 Tue 16-Apr-19 11:58:33

Aw yeah I get it! First two weeks. full of hope and second are just a waiting game. This is for my first. I’ve been trying for 6 month. It this is my fourth cycle if that makes sense....I caught in my 3rd cycle but resulted in mc sad this is my second time since all that happened. Is this your first? Fingers crossed for you. I have a couple of twinges in my back and lower abdomen today feels like I’m gonna come on! X

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