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Daiisy Tue 16-Apr-19 07:19:21

Hi everyone

I have woken up this morning to some spotting, bright red in colour when I wipe (sorry TMI!). My periods are very irregular so have been tracking my BBT. I have attached my chart for this cycle so far, which I don’t think shows I’ve ovulated yet. If this cycle is similar to my last I should be in my fertile window. We have been TTC since Jan 2018 and I have never experienced spotting so far.

Does anyone have any idea what this spotting might be, I’m very confused.

Thanks in advance.

Daiisy Tue 16-Apr-19 12:40:18

It has now changed to brown spotting, not much but enough for me to wonder what it is. I am a serial google searcher and symptom spotter. Anyone have any advice x

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