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Low iron - could it effect ovulation

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OnNaturesCourse Mon 15-Apr-19 21:05:36

I'm being treated for low iron.

My iron was checked when I reported to the GP with heavy, long periods with cycles that were getting longer plus general tiredness etc.

Im not trying to get pregnant just yet as I want to get my health in order firstly but I've started tracking my ovulation this cycle to try work out when to expect my period. We do plan on trying for a baby again soon.

So far I am on day 24 and no ovulation. My cycles are averaging out about 34-36 days so I'd have expected it by now plus my boobs hurt which is usual sign for me.

Im wondering if my low iron is effecting ovulation? I got put on iron tablets for 2 months and my cycles seemed to be improving, but I've had a three week gap before starting my current iron supplements and now this cycle seems to be out of whack.

Anyone else had this?

I'll be bringing it up with my GP at my next check up but just in the meantime, and to put my mind at rest.

OnNaturesCourse Thu 18-Apr-19 16:22:36


MapleAndCats Fri 19-Apr-19 04:49:07

I had extremely low iron to the point of being 1 point from requiring a blood transfusion and it never affected my cycles and my good friend conceived with obscenely low iron levels. However, I was advised that I should keep my iron levels are high as possible to increase the chances of pregnancy.
If you are experiencing annovulation it is probably something other than low iron as iron and hormone levels don’t tend to impact one another.
How are you tracking your ovulation?


Michellebops Fri 19-Apr-19 07:40:51

Not the exact same but I have a b12 deficiency which I believe is having an impact on mine.

I got bloods done on day 21 month which showed up the deficiency. I read on dr google 🙄 that it can cause temporary infertility.

I'm on b12 tablets but going to start taking spatone also

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