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Can someone explain OPK's please?

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StormcloakNord Mon 15-Apr-19 15:20:53

Just wondering if you lovely ladies could help with the whole OPK thing. TTC #2 and AF showed up this month. A bit sad, but I haven't been doing it properly I don't think I've just been going off what a period tracker has been saying. I was in Tesco yesterday and noticed the clear blue ovulation prediction kits for £30 shock. Do I need one of those every month? When do you know to pee on it? I'm totally clueless!!

Thanks in advance

JohnWolfenstein Mon 15-Apr-19 15:24:30

You only need one kit, but will need refills of the pee sticks. I think the first month you're supposed to pee on the stick every day and that sets the baseline. I think I peed every day and dtd on the suggested days. Up the duff first month with first dd and second month with second DD.

physicskate Mon 15-Apr-19 15:29:40

There are much cheaper options off eBay/ amazon. They come with instructions, which you would need to read. Each brand is slightly different.

The long and short of it is that you per on a stick at least once a day (actually you dip it in a pot). If the stick is positive, it shows the presence of a good amount of lutenising hormone, which is a requirement 12-72 hours before ovulation. You might not go on to ovulate, as you can get a surge without ovulating, but if you ovulate, you must get a surge first (if that makes sense).

If not pregnant, most people get their period 10-16 days after ovulation.

If you don't use opks, the advice is do Dtd every other day. When using opks, you should still Dtd as often as possible. Sperm live for a few days before ovulation and take a couple hours or so to reach the Fallopian tubes. The egg lives for a max of 24 hours, so Dtd before ovulation is at more likely to lead to pregnancy.

StormcloakNord Mon 15-Apr-19 15:34:59

That is great, thanks guys that's really helpful!

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