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When to come off the pill and are these ovulation sticks reliable?

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looneytune Sat 14-Jul-07 12:25:45

Hi everyone

I have ds who was 4 in March and we're going to be TTC in August for number 2. We're ready to try now but we have a special long weekend in London on 3rd August and due to never getting away (apart from just having a holiday for first time in 6 yrs), we want to make sure we have a really lovely time and as there will be no ds, we plan on drinking! Sooooooooo, we want to TTC after that weekend.

My first question is how long are you supposed to be off the pill for or doesn't it matter these days? I have about a week's lot of pills left in my packet so was planning on stopping the pill after those. Or, is it better to just stop now? Wasn't sure if there would be any problems in stopping part way through a pack?

Next husband and I both HATE using condoms and someone suggested we try ovulation sticks to know when we need protection (until we TTC). How reliable are these? Of course it's not like it's a real problem if it doesn't work as TTC anyway but would prefer to wait until after that weekend so I wouldn't be drinking and then possibly find out I'm pregnant (I worry about all this stuff since had M/C before ds was conceived).

I think that's it! I'm really excited about finally trying for number 2!!

looneytune Sat 14-Jul-07 17:01:05


AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 14-Jul-07 17:20:54

Don't think it really matters how long you are supposed to be off the pill for re conceiving. The pill leaves your system very quickly after you've taken the last one.

I would finish the last packet and not stop the pills early.

TBH as its such a short period of time anyway I would not bother using opk's. These can be unreliable.

looneytune Sat 14-Jul-07 19:00:09

Oh, thanks for that, will keep on with the pills then - prefer it that way as will have more idea of cycle!

Ok, so if the sticks aren't reliable, we'll just have to use protection for a very short time.


suezee Sat 14-Jul-07 19:06:04

all the gp really asks is that u wait untill u have a true period after coming off the pill as it makes it easier all around for u to know when ur concieving and to work ur dates out when u get pregnant

looneytune Sat 14-Jul-07 19:08:37

Cool, I plan on having one (or more if don't conceive straight away like in the past).

Thanks again

krispie Sat 14-Jul-07 19:26:54

my friend used those ovulation kits and they were showing negative everytime she wee'd on them. She started to panic, thinking that she wasnt ovulating at all. she got pregnant on the 2nd month - even when the sticks had shown a negative result every day!

ie - i dont think they are reliable!

looneytune Sun 15-Jul-07 09:59:34

Sounds like not reliable then! Does anyone know roughly when in the cycle you're supposed to ovulate or is it different for everyone?

monthlymayhem Sun 15-Jul-07 10:04:34

Hi Looneytune! I think the general guide is that you ov approx 14 days before your next af, so if you have a 32 day cycle, you ov around cd 18. I recently came off the pill and it took 50 days for my first af and am now on cd 36 with no sign of af, so I think your cycle can go a bit haywire for the first couple of months! Good Luck

looneytune Sun 15-Jul-07 10:37:10

Hi, I'm new to all this and don't get all the CD bits??? I know what af is and mine is due next Sunday (last pill will be taken on Thursday). So, I imagine the few days between taking the last pill and af should be pretty safe as it's my week break anyway? Then af will be from 22 July - 26/27 July (and we never do it then anyway) so it's only about a week before we'll be TTC anyway Part of me is dead worried about drinking whilst TTC which means using condoms on our romantic weekend away which we both hate but the other part of me thinks should I just not use anything over that weekend and if it happens it happens? Don't really know the risks? I know that I had been drinking for a day or 2 into my pregnancy with ds as didn't know I was pregnant at the time. Oh, I don't know, decisions decisions!

monthlymayhem Sun 15-Jul-07 16:14:23

I know what you mean, it took me a little while to work out the abbreviations too and there are still some I'm not sure of! CD is 'Cycle Day', with CD 1 being the first day of your period (which is 'af' as in Auntie Flow I think). I'm not sure about the drinking thing either - have tried to be as good as possible, but have had a glass or two of wine at the wk/ends and I'm sure a little can't do any harm when ttc. x

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 15-Jul-07 17:54:41

It is not correct to assume that ovulation occurs 14 days before the start of the next period. Its a very poor guide.

Ovulation can occur earlier, later or not at all in any given cycle. It is quite possible also to have periods without ovulating (this is more likely to happen when the menstrual cycle is irregular). Cycle lengths of over 35 days are more likely also to be anovulatory.

looneytune Mon 16-Jul-07 14:12:38


wendyredhead Tue 17-Jul-07 09:17:42

I thought OPKs were unreliable until I bought a load of cheapies off the internet and used them everyday of my cycle until I finally go a +++. Turned out I OV later than I thought I did and I just wasn't using them late enough in my cycle, that's all!

I even did a another test the 2 days afterwards to make sure it wasn't a fluke and I got negatives.

There are websites that show people's photos of their own (crazy but true!) so you can compare as they can be tricky to read if you've never seen a ++.

Loads of people get ++ with them - depends how you use them. You have to make sure you haven't had any fluids within the 2 hours before taking test and test at the same time each day - not the first urine of the day - better early afternoon. I got my +++ at 2 pm each time.

Since my 1st +++ I have had a +++ every month since on the same days either CD16/17 of my cycle so they must work for me!

wendyredhead Tue 17-Jul-07 09:23:59

The only reason they like you to take a finish the packet is so you can know where you're at in your cycle, so to speak ie you have your period and then don't start taking them again.

But I didn't know this first time round and stopped taking my pills mid cycle and gave birth less than 9 months later! I was SO unbelievably ignorant of my cycle back then and thought it would take me months to get pregnant according to Doc, so as it was New Year I drank - unbeknown to me I was pregnant! But my son was fine and is now 10 and very normal!

I don't think the odd glass of wine does any harm.

But this method didn't work for me 2nd time round though - I just had a breakthrough bleed a few days later and then my cycles regulated themselves.

Good luck!

looneytune Tue 17-Jul-07 09:29:15

Cheers for all that info

I don't mind having the odd glass of wine whilst TTC, it's that we've (me and dh) not had much time at all on our own since ds was born and we have a very special long weekend at a 5 star hotel booked (won vouchers ) and we both thought as we'd have no kiddies about for a change (I'm a childminder aswell as having ds), we thought we'd let our hair down so will probably be drinking quite a lot on 1 or 2 of the nights.

i'm so excited, I just want to start now but I think it's best we just enjoy this special weekend together and then start TTC

wendyredhead Tue 17-Jul-07 09:38:36

You're welcome

Wow, congrats on your win! Sounds great. Hope you both have a great time and, yeah - think it's best to start trying after your wild w/end...

looneytune Tue 17-Jul-07 09:43:03

Thanks. Dh won an X Factor type thing at Christmas (a work do) and the prize was £500 travel vouchers. We decided to indulge and have 3 nights at a posh hotel as that's something we'd NEVER be able to pay for!! Yes, going to wait until after the wild weekend, just I hoped I could rely on the ovulation sticks as a way of knowing if we were safe to do the business without condoms (a friend's idea!) but now not so sure (even though I know you've been fine )

wendyredhead Tue 17-Jul-07 10:03:59

I know - hotel rates are mega aren't they! Even cheap hotels aren't really cheap. I begrudge paying for them so to win is awesome - you enjoy it even more. I won a long w/e at a health club once and we had a blast!

Are you still going to take the pill because I don't know that OPKs would work in that case because doesn't the pill stop ovulation and therefore your body wouldn't produce the LH that the OPKs use to detect???

Every time I get my period I get the bottle out anyway!! Many people drink at this time in their cycle - got to have some enjoyment!

Have you worked out where you will be in your cycle when you go on away?

looneytune Tue 17-Jul-07 10:21:25

Yes, it's silly money for hotels so dead chuffed he won

Just been told what all the CD stuff is about so worked out I'll be CD13 the first night of our break and CD16 the day we come back. I believe that is roughly when a lot of people ovulate so probably best to use protection Never mind. I'm finishing the pill on Thursday and first AF will be Sunday. We always planned on having to use condoms, just that my friend mentioned the sticks and fancied giving that a try. Anyway, probably would show me as ovulating that weekend and therefore should use protection (would love to conceive on a special weekend like that but I really want to let my hair down with lots of drink too as won't be drinking for some time after!)

wendyredhead Tue 17-Jul-07 10:59:05

Oh typical - bang on target! Bad luck Looneytunes - What inconsiderate timing your body has!! Never mind....although you could always try withdrawal! Agree - i hate condoms!

looneytune Tue 17-Jul-07 11:08:14

Oh yeah, we'd both be happier doing that, is that safe? Or should I sacrifice the drinking too much???

wendyredhead Thu 19-Jul-07 15:59:29

OOh now here creeps in the indecision - you want your crazy w/end but a little part of you wants to take a chance!! HEE HEE. What to do?!! AAGH

People do drink before they know they're preg (like me - heavily at New Year & Xmas & in early pregnancy without knowing) and it's only transferred to the foetus after implantation. You'd only be ovulating at that time (you think).

They say not to drink when ttc because it affects fertility (I don't think there's evidence of this though).

It's a choice you have to make.......!!!


looneytune Fri 20-Jul-07 09:53:14

Thanks for that, you totally get what I'm dithering over don't you!! That's exactly how it is!! My friend said she didn't know what I was worried about getting drunk as I was totally legless when I conceived ds. I think it's because you learn more when you're a parent and have more information. But tbh, although I do usually conceive quick, I'd be very lucky to conceive that early after coming off the pill so maybe I should just go for it

looneytune Fri 20-Jul-07 09:53:56

Oh oh oh..........and............CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Great News!!

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