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May bus

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Paddypaws91 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:46:07

Hi everyone 👋

Can't see a May bus, so thought I'd start one up!

A little bit about me...

TTC: #1
Age: 28
Cycle: 5
CD: 5
AF/BFP due: 10th May

This cycle I'm making a real effort to take my pre-conception vitamins EVERY day and going to use Pre-seed this cycle too.

Come on in and share your stories, symptoms and if needed, vent to your heart's content... grin

MountAbora Sun 14-Apr-19 20:08:48

Il join the May bus with you please!

Ttc: #1
Age: 29 (30 next month...)
Cycle: 2
Cycle Day: 8
AF/ BFP: think it’s 4th May, tho body is still recovering from mini pill so basing this mainly on pre-pill periods which could be off.

Been doing OPKs since Friday but this is my first month of using them. Had some EWCM today (sorry-tmi!) so going to try & grab DP to DTD tonight as I’m working early shifts next week so will be hard to do it as much as I’d like then 😕

bunhead34 Sun 14-Apr-19 20:14:49

Hello 👋🏼
Hopping on the bus.

Haven't been online in a while, needing sometime to quieten my brain of all the baby stuff!

Cycle 11 now (actually can't believe
It's been so long!)
Cd 1-ish
Ttc #1
Af due 12th may-ish

Started Agnus castus (prob spelled that wrong!) so continuing with that this month, and cont with B6 as well.
Had a scan and bloods a couple of months ago - all fine apparently 🤷🏼‍♀️
Hub is going to gp for SA soon hopefully.

Struggling with it at the mo, one friend told me she's pregnant last week. And sure another at work is about to announce too.
One woman who started trying the same time as me is off on maternity next month 😭

@Paddypaws91 remembering those vitamins is hard 😂 I'm the same.

dreamer2 Sun 14-Apr-19 20:15:41

Hello 😊 , I would like to join! I too am taking the vitamins very seriously this cycle , I've had strange couple of periods (tmi) brown clotty blood through the period confused, however the last period it was kinda looking like it's coming back to normal fingers crossed ! My only worry is that am not actually ovulating , it's just so hard to tell! hmmam on cycle day 9 , TTC #1 cycle #2 25 smile

Paddypaws91 Sun 14-Apr-19 21:24:38

Welcome everyone!

@MountAbora no such thing as TMI on this thread 😂 good luck!

@bunhead34 just took my Pregnacare vit (12 hours late) 🤦🏼‍♀️ I know how you feel, my best friend is due to give birth any day now and just about everyone is announcing their pregnancy at the moment...feels that way anyway.

@dreamer2 brown, clotty period sounds like the blood is leaving your body more slowly, but don't think it's anything to worry about smile. Do you get any ovulation signs? Like sharp pains or spotting? Have you tried OPKs?

dreamer2 Sun 14-Apr-19 22:43:27

@Paddypaws91 yeah I think you are right , I went to get some blood tests a few months back , and the nurse mentioned that I kind of had a poor blood flow , perhaps it's that 🤔 , with the ovulation before we stated to try I always noticed EWCM but now that we've actually started to try I feel like am always dry lol 😣 but yeah I've got ovulation sticks for the first time and going to try and see how it goes smile

Renault5 Sun 14-Apr-19 22:53:39

May I join the May bus ?

TTC : 1
Cycle : 5
Age : 26
CD : 2
Af/BFP : 10 th May

Really struggled when I had my period last month never got so upset !!
Had a Termination due to unhealthy baby in November 2018. TTC since then.

This month I got all my positif vibe again! I should of been due the 10 th of May so would be magic to have a BFP this cycle.

I am getting the excitement back but still a little nervous!

Morningchorus Sun 14-Apr-19 22:58:43

I’ve never joined a bus before, can I hop on!
TTC no 1
Cycle no 2
CD 5
Age 31

I’m using clear blue advanced digital OPKs and Ovia - although I’m sure husband will say something about the cost of those strips if we end up trying for more than a few months!

I’m taking pregnacare.

Just trying to stay positive as I’m the last of my friends to start and working shifts makes it tough.

BFPhopeful2019 Mon 15-Apr-19 00:26:21

I’ll join too I’d thats ok. Had a really tough few days, crying as didn’t get my BFP and I was sure I was pregnant this month...

A little bit about me...

TTC (trying to conceive): #1
Age: 31
Cycle: 6
CD (cycle day): 4
AF/BFP (big fat positive) due: 7th May

Im going to try the SMEP method this month, and stick to it religiously, along with preseed and clear blue OPKs. I suddenly feel like I’ve left it too late. I have a hen do on 3rd May so hoping for a BFP before then xxx

Paddypaws91 Mon 15-Apr-19 07:32:27

Hi everyone that's joined!

@dreamer2 Good luck with the OPKs, I've never actually used them myself. I always get a sharp pain when I ovulate which lasts about a day. May invest in some this month to make sure I'm getting the timing right.

@Renault5 we are due our BFP/AF at the same time  it is so hard when AF arrives, especially the first few days. Keep the positivity going! Is there anything you're doing differently on this cycle?

@Morningchorus Welcome to your 1st bus! I generally find these easier to follow and it's a safe space to share any crazy symptom spotting 😜

@BFPhopeful2019 It is the absolute worst when you're convinced your pregnant. My cycles have always been regular (28 days) but since TTC, they seem to have gotten longer (31 days), feels like a cruel game Mother Nature is playing! Good luck with the SMEP plan, I'm thinking of giving that a go this cycle too!


MaryH90 Mon 15-Apr-19 08:28:07

Yey I’ve been waiting for a May thread!

TTC: #2
Age: 29
Cycle: 1 (in May)
CD: -
AF/BFP due: 28th May

My DD is 2, I’ve been off the pill since jan and next month will be our first cycle trying/ nervous!

Renault5 Mon 15-Apr-19 08:28:55

@Paddypaws91 I think I will try to lay down a little longer this time and enjoy !!!

Luckylola12 Mon 15-Apr-19 08:41:58

TTC #1
Cycle 4
Age 26
CD 17
AF due 8th may!

Been using opks but still negative, calculations say i should be ovulating between 20th - 22nd so fingers crossed! Also using preseed this month =)

McHelenz Mon 15-Apr-19 09:35:36

Hey can I join? Very excited to be able to jump on here!!

TTC #1
Cycle 1
Age 30
CD 7

I have just cleared all my debts and now husband has said we can start trying. It's my fertile week so I'm hopeful!

Been using OPKs for 2 months and have a pretty regular cycle, this is my first month using clearblue advanced tests.

tisonlymeagain Mon 15-Apr-19 09:50:48

Hopping on...

TTC: #3
Age: 39
Cycle: 1
CD: 12
AF/BFP due: 5th May

Hi all, TTC #3 but first one with DP. Last pregnancy was 12 years ago shock. Because of my age, I am only giving it until Christmas to get a BFP but I hope it happens way sooner.

Came off the pill at the beginning of March. Had a bleed after four weeks which felt like proper AF but not really sure about this cycle so am basing it on my pre-pill average of about 30 days and have been testing with OPKs since CD9. AF should be around first week of May on that basis but who knows...I would say it will definitely be in May though.

Fingers crossed everyone!

McHelenz Mon 15-Apr-19 10:23:48

I forgot AF due the 6th!

Renault5 Mon 15-Apr-19 12:35:51

@Paddypaws91 I think this month I am gonna letting go haha I am gonna definitely track ovulation and have intercourse then but I am gonna have fun with my husband as well! I kind of accepted that it is taking time to get pregnant and it is a huge step for me as I am so impatiente and I like have everything kind of planned ! I think what I will try to do is maybe staying lay down as much as I can after the intercourse as well !

Paddypaws91 Mon 15-Apr-19 12:44:43

Welcome newbies 👋 and good luck 🤞🏼

@Renault5 I'm totally in this mindset too this cycle. I think we're getting too caught up in timings. We've decided we're going to dtd more often throughout the whole cycle, but use Preseed during the FW. We don't want TTC to take all the fun out of DTD!!

I'm a complete control freak, but starting to let go a bit. You can take all the vitamins in the world and time everything perfectly, but it's going to happen when it happens 😌

tisonlymeagain Mon 15-Apr-19 12:47:09

DP and I DTD about 5-6 times a week anyway, so I am confident I'm not going to miss OV blush I just don't know when it's coming

Paddypaws91 Mon 15-Apr-19 13:33:12

@tisonlymeagain shock good for you guys!

Hopefully you get some ovulation signs. I'm fortunate enough to get a horrible stabbing pain when I ovulate (what a strange sentence).

You'll have to be on EWCM watch 🧐!

McHelenz Mon 15-Apr-19 13:42:43

I've just bought the bargain first responses from amazon and some conceive plus. It's only our first cycle of trying but best to get stocked lol

Paddypaws91 Mon 15-Apr-19 13:45:58

@McHelenz it's exciting isn't it. I've got a designated drawer especially for Amazon conception purchases sorry not sorry 😂

McHelenz Mon 15-Apr-19 13:50:18

My husband doesn't know. 😂😂. Today should be our first day of trying so I've wasted no time.

MountAbora Mon 15-Apr-19 14:00:03

Heya everyone, lots of people on this bus, it’s great!
I’m feeling frustrated/ confused today as had EWCM yesterday & today but OPKs are still showing negative. First month of using them so maybe I’m being impatient, but also frustrated as my plans to DTD yesterday got thwarted by DP not feeling great. He’s been having some health issues lately so feeling a mix of guilty at being so pushy & frustrated as I’m not sure when I’m ovulating so worried we will miss it if not DTD often enough.
Sorry for rant but TTC is making me a crazy woman!!
Hope others are getting on better and feeling a little less crazy than me 🤪

Paddypaws91 Mon 15-Apr-19 14:03:44

@McHelenz I really admire your organisation!

My husband didn't know at first either. Eventually, with the sheer amount of parcels turning up, I had no choice to tell him (oops)

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