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A long TTW due AF on Tuesday, who’s with me?!

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Emmalowri Sun 14-Apr-19 00:25:56

I’m due AF on Tuesday latest and I’ve had nausea and vomiting at night last week (nothing the last two days). I’m looking for buddies who are due this week too! It’s been a long old TWW so hopefully we get our BFPs! Who’s with me?!

PumpkinsMum18 Sun 14-Apr-19 08:35:23

Me! I’m not entirely sure when I’m due but last cycle was 34 days so if it’s similar I should be due on Tuesday. I came off the pill in January. How long have you been TTC?

Emmalowri Sun 14-Apr-19 15:35:31

PumpkinsMum18 I’ve been TTC since January too! I stopped the combined pill properly in February though. So far I’ve had nothing but BFN’s and the odd faint BFP but nothing properly yet. Technically I was due on yesterday but my period lasted longer for some reason so now it’s Tuesday. I’m already tempted to test 😂

PumpkinsMum18 Mon 15-Apr-19 07:35:07

@Emmalowri how exciting! Will this be your first pregnancy? I’m going to be try to be patient and not test until after Easter....

Emmalowri Mon 15-Apr-19 14:14:30

@PumpkinsMum118 yeah this will be my first. So exciting! I’m 25 and my partner is 26. This is the first time for both of us so we’re still learning. I folded and did a FRER this morning (they’re 2 for £5.98 on amazon on offer this week btw) and it was negative. I keep taking them too early because I’m excited 😂 when will I learn?! Is this your first?

PumpkinsMum18 Mon 15-Apr-19 17:51:33

@Emmalowri yes this will be my first too! I am 27 and my DH is 30 😊 there is so much to learn! And everyone’s story is different which makes it even more confusing haha

Emmalowri Tue 16-Apr-19 10:05:17

@PumpkinsMum18 So I’m exited, I was due Saturday, then because I’d bled longer than I thought my clue app recalculated to today. No period. No sign of period. Bizarre itchy nips and I’ve still had nausea at night time the last few nights. Might test tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

PumpkinsMum18 Tue 16-Apr-19 17:55:15

@Emmalowri wow that is very exciting! Keep me posted and fingers crossed for you! My period has not come today but I have a feeling it could appear over next couple days so will see what happens....

Emmalowri Wed 17-Apr-19 10:57:55

@PumpkinsMum18 So still no period! Got a bit of lower back ache today too! Fingers crossed for both of us!

PumpkinsMum18 Wed 17-Apr-19 21:00:29

@Emma no period for me either! What strange times these are 🤔 hope your back isn’t too painful!

Chembecky Wed 17-Apr-19 22:10:35

I'm due on Tues too. Might test on Sun with a FRER. I don't have many symptoms but I do have the weird metallic taste in my mouth which can be a symptom...

Rosie2531 Wed 17-Apr-19 22:36:59

Hi, hoping I can join! smile I'm 26 and my DP 29, ttc #1.

I just got af today after 55 days of waiting! Finished the pill in Feb and nothing since my withdrawal bleed. Had what I thought were faint lines for a while but then af today.

Looking forward to my first proper cycle of ttc! smile

Emmalowri Thu 18-Apr-19 20:18:56

Girls 😭 I just got my period! I’m gutted! Not my month, hope you ladies have more luck! Glass of Prosecco for me tonight! Xxxxxx

PumpkinsMum18 Thu 18-Apr-19 20:44:04

Oh Emma hun 😔 I’m sorry, big hugs to you! No period for me yet.... bought a FRER today to use on Sunday if nothing comes! Enjoy your Prosecco and 4 day weekend 😄

Emmalowri Thu 18-Apr-19 22:08:22

Oh fingers crossed for you @PumpkinsMum18 imagine if you are?! 😍 that’d be amazing! My cramps have stopped and bleeding and stopped..... bizarre!

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