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Myth or no?!

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jenn88 Sat 13-Apr-19 21:27:58

Just to start a healthy debate...
What are people's opinions on not being able to conceive because they are obsessive about it, and then suddenly can when they stop trying? Is it an old wives tale? Any personal experience? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!!

butterflykiss00 Sat 13-Apr-19 21:52:38

I'm tbh I think it's true, it happened to me . Was so busy at work it slipped my mind and then bam smile
I think it's something to do with stress levels

Michellebops Sat 13-Apr-19 21:56:16

I'd like to think there is some truth to it 🤞

Torsz Sat 13-Apr-19 22:03:04

My experience isn't that exactly but I do think it's relevant - we were ttc for a couple of years, the second week year including medication from a fertility clinic.
I then handed in my notice at work and we knew we had a 6 week period during which I would miss out on maternity pay if I got pregnant - whilst working my notice and up until I'd worked a week in the new job. We agreed that we would still ttc as that was #1 priority, but in the back of my mind it was a little less appealing during that 6 week window.
Guess what 😂 now 33 weeks pregnant and about to go down to nil pay!
No regrets but I do wonder if hormones/reduced pressure contributed...

Torsz Sat 13-Apr-19 22:03:49

-week (no idea where that came from!)

jenn88 Sat 13-Apr-19 22:24:06

It's fascinating that your mindset can play into conception! I was also having a chat with a dear friend last night over a bottle of wine (which certainly reduced my stress over TTC) why are we not informed about the implications of TTC after being on contraception long term?! It seems odd in a world where we have to give consent and be informed of all the ins and outs!

Osirus Sat 13-Apr-19 22:30:27

I’m not sure, but, for 15 years leading up to TTC I had very obvious ovulation symptoms every single month, including pain. I had it the first month we started trying.

After I tested negative, all ovulation symptoms stopped. I had nothing at all, for a few years, and our child was the result of IVF.

Months after she was born, and we’re not trying, all the symptoms have returned!

DeadDoorpost Sat 13-Apr-19 22:33:16

Happened for my BiL and his wife. They'd just bought a house, had been trying for at least 6 months but they were too stressed at the time. The next month, she's pregnant. Baby is now 2 months old.

DeadDoorpost Sat 13-Apr-19 22:35:47

*BiL And wife stopped because of the stress of the house, next month they were pregnant

Michellebops Sun 14-Apr-19 07:25:55

@jenn88 I don't think all long term contraception has impacts. I've only ever been on the pill so can't speak for other methods.

I was on pill for 18/19 years, came off in the November (not to ttc but for other reasons) had a breakthrough bleed then 4 weeks later my period and by time next period was due I was pregnant. I was 37

Kel801 Sun 14-Apr-19 08:39:17

I had 3 rounds of ivf, 3rd successful and then fell pregnant naturally when baby was 3 months old

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