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Any BBT experts?

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Marshmallow1992 Sat 13-Apr-19 11:37:23

I am 8dpo and have noticed a huge change in my chart this month.
I usually increase all the way to 8dpo then it’s the gradual decrease until big drop at 12dpo day before AF.

This month however my chart has started to decrease at basically 3dpo!

Does anyone know what this indicates and why my temps might be different this month compared to other months?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Been TTC for 9 months and had a chemical last month and starting to really lose faith of this ever happening for me.

Marshmallow1992 Sat 13-Apr-19 11:37:40

Chart is here

Whyhaveidonethis Sat 13-Apr-19 11:44:46

You are still well above the cover line so I wouldn't worry too much. Mine is up and down a lot during 2ww

Marshmallow1992 Sat 13-Apr-19 11:48:15

Thanks @whyhaveidonethis
It just looks so different to my other charts and I don’t think a sloping trend is very good? Just feel it’s very early to be going down!
Hoping for a big rise tomorrow 😥

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