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HELP! OPK Confusion!

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Elbie2019 Fri 12-Apr-19 17:25:35

My partner and I are on our 4th cycle of TTC. I have been using the Clearblue Advanced Digital OPK from the beginning and it's always followed a similar pattern. I'd say the pattern has been similar for the past 18 months of being off the pill too - I alway notice clear signs of ovulation at similar times even when we weren't testing/trying. Anyway, with the kit, I seem to get high fertility from day 8 until around day 12 and then get peak fertility. This month set off the same - my first flashing smiley day came on Tuesday and then I've had flashing smileys on Wednesday, Thursday and then this morning. On days 10 and 11 I start testing on the afternoons as well as the mornings too, just to be sure I don't miss it. Anyway, I tested this morning and it was a definite flashing smiley. Then, I've just tested there and it's gone back to an empty circle - not fertile. Has anyone experienced this before? I have the symptoms of ovulation - definite increase in cervical mucus. I feel a bit worried now!

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