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Messed up cycles

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Greyworm14 Fri 12-Apr-19 14:37:02

So... I came off the pill in December purely because it was not working out for. I tried several and still had headaches and constant nausea. I didn't have a bleed until 7th feb then again 12th March. So I haven't a clue when I'm due AF. But after a smear yesterday the nurse said my cervix was so high and 'tucked away' and it may be worth testing. I had what I used to call my mid cycle 'twinges' and the erm extra sticky CM on the 3rd so 9 days ago which I can only presume may be down to ovulation... now tested today with like my 3rd pee of the day on a cheap strip test and I can see a slight second line!! But unsure if its an indent or evap. How do i post a pic? Or cant i?

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