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Lots of watery, sticky discharge, spot of blood days before period but not pregnant

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Talulala Fri 12-Apr-19 08:03:28

Hi all,

First time poster so please be gentle!

Last month I had something that was very out of the ordinary for me. About 5 days before my period I had a ridiculous amount of sticky, sometimes creamy, sometimes watery discharge. TMI but I could feel it gush out at some points. There was the odd spot of blood from time to time.

I was convinced this was the month but got my period a few days later. Have any of you ever had this? Could it be failed implantation or a hormonal imbalance or something else? I am not able to get to a doctor at the moment but would welcome your thoughts.

Thank you x

crazychemist Fri 12-Apr-19 13:10:49

Hi Talula,

There are all sorts of things this could be. A failed implantation (which is really common, many embyros aren’t viable), or as you say hormonal imbalance from any number of causes e.g. illness, stress, changes in sleep patterns.

Unless there is more to it than you have described here I doubt a doctor would have anything to say.

Talulala Mon 15-Apr-19 08:46:56

Thanks for your reply. I haven't had the same thing this month so my guess is failed implantation but I will never know for sure.

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