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Is it an evap line?

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Goldendust Thu 11-Apr-19 21:15:47

Hello people just your thoughts
Can anyone see another line? I thinks it's an evap line.
Thank you

Goldendust Thu 11-Apr-19 21:16:42

I can only see the faintest thing zoomed out not while zooming in. Also it took me a lot of pics to get it slightly visible on my phone

mummyjojo19 Thu 11-Apr-19 21:30:07

@goldendust I see it!!! Do you have another test to test with fmu tomorrow morning? Xxx

mummyjojo19 Thu 11-Apr-19 21:32:52

I have inverted the pic and deffo see something xx

WildFlower2019 Thu 11-Apr-19 21:40:13

I do!

harrietkatie Thu 11-Apr-19 21:41:31

I saw it straight away! Congratulations and fingers crossed for you x

Goldendust Thu 11-Apr-19 21:46:56

@mummyjojo19 ah I think I'm going crazy I feel a bit sick it's like I've made myself believe there's a line thanks for changing the pic. I have one more left
I was due to come on yesterday but have been having p pains but no blood yet. I keep going to the loo thinking I'm on I've even put a pad down there. When I had my first child it showed 9dpo and today is 13dpo but I still don't think I am xx

Goldendust Thu 11-Apr-19 21:48:31

@harrietkatie @WildFlower2019 thank you. I really hope I am. Thanks for replying. I don't want to be disappointed I still "feel" af is coming XX

NannyPear Thu 11-Apr-19 21:49:42

Fingers crossed it's a line OP but I had a few months of bad indents with FRERs sad keep us updated!

harrietkatie Thu 11-Apr-19 21:52:52

I always stick to the digi ones even though they have had bad press too... but I just liked to see the "pregnant" !!

Goldendust Thu 11-Apr-19 21:53:15

@NannyPear thank you
Thanks for that I haven't got my hopes high to be honest but I did think I was going mad too. I'm still thinking af will come x

Goldendust Thu 11-Apr-19 22:02:44

@harrietkatie ok hun I have bought the digital ones too... I will do the frer one in the morning.. if u get any sort of line I'll do the other one..

WildFlower2019 Fri 12-Apr-19 08:36:24

@Goldendust sensible way of thinking. Though I've just found out I am pregnant and I was convinced AF was on the way. I had all the usual signs... cramps, irritability, emotional, etc

Goldendust Fri 12-Apr-19 08:47:53

Just did a frer with firsts wee. Couldn't seen anything x

Goldendust Fri 12-Apr-19 08:53:41

Loked at it again looks like the one from yesterday. Guess I'm not then. Waiting for AF to arrive now x

Goldendust Sat 13-Apr-19 00:09:59

@WildFlower2019 @harrietkatie @NannyPear @mummyjojo19
Hey ladies I hope you're well. Thought I'd give you a update. Still no AF but really feel it coming. Usually I get pains when it actually starts...
have had cramps with pink CM
Don't know what's going on really.
Won't be testing because it will come back negative still. Might test on Monday xx

harrietkatie Sat 13-Apr-19 11:49:49

When are you due on? X

SoHotADragonRetired Sat 13-Apr-19 11:51:29

I think that is just the indent line where the dye settles if it's positive. If you look closely enough at a FRER you will always see it.

Goldendust Sat 13-Apr-19 11:56:17

I was due 3 days ago. And today I've come on!! Argh feel so crap. Next month I'm going to take it easy

Goldendust Sat 13-Apr-19 11:56:34

@SoHotADragonRetired yes you're right I've just come on

harrietkatie Sat 13-Apr-19 12:13:42

Oh I'm so sorry sad I do know how painful this all is when ttc. I have given up for a while now. It was causing me way too much stress and I was becoming quite obsessive!

Relax, and fingers crossed for next month!

Do you use apps etc to see when you are most fertile? I'm not sure what your situation is but temping too can help massively x

NannyPear Sat 13-Apr-19 14:53:25

Sorry Goldendust sad I was stung multiple months by that bloody indent line on FRERs. It's hard not to get even a little excited when you see it which makes it even more disappointing when AF shows.

Best of luck for next month!

harrietkatie Sat 13-Apr-19 15:03:33

Also when you're ttc for months and do loads of poas, I think sometimes your eyes play tricks on you! X

NannyPear Sat 13-Apr-19 17:34:47

I agree Harriet! Your eyes immediately know where to look for it :/

Goldendust Sat 13-Apr-19 23:10:25

@harrietkatie it really did become obsessive! I will still pee on sticks this next month because I don't think I ovulate when most people do. I do use an app too. Let's see how this next month goes. Xx

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