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Ovulation test - positive?

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MaryShelley1818 Thu 11-Apr-19 09:25:09

What’s the thoughts on this one? Not due to Ovulate until Saturday but tested this morning.

Whyhaveidonethis Thu 11-Apr-19 10:20:41

That's pretty much positive in my book. I'd test again later and see if it gets stronger

MaryShelley1818 Thu 11-Apr-19 10:36:23

Thank you...will test again this evening smile

Claire78564 Thu 11-Apr-19 13:57:10

I use these too. This month I had one that looked like yours last Saturday and then again on Sunday. Both were done with a clear blue opk where that states positive or not with a smiley face. I had a smiley face with both cheap ones like the opk in the picture you posted x

MaryShelley1818 Thu 11-Apr-19 15:58:56

Ooh sounds promising then thank you!

Claire78564 Thu 11-Apr-19 19:21:36

No prob hope this is your month 😊

MaryShelley1818 Thu 11-Apr-19 21:21:08

Tested again tonight...

hcopp Thu 11-Apr-19 22:20:25

That's a very positive OPK. Get to it!

Claire78564 Fri 12-Apr-19 00:16:32

Looks like you are in your LG surge! Quick start bd!! 😊

MaryShelley1818 Fri 12-Apr-19 07:48:32

Jumped on DH last night! Lol.
Was going to this morning but he’s really poorly and coming down with flu.
Did Mon/Tues/Thurs so fingers crossed that’s enough!

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