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What does an evap line look like??

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AmC39 Wed 10-Apr-19 12:28:16

I’m terrified that this is a false positive?? Any thoughts Ttc.

Comps83 Wed 10-Apr-19 12:29:00

Congrats, no way is that an evap

MyDcAreMarvel Wed 10-Apr-19 12:29:14

That’s a definite positive.

AmC39 Wed 10-Apr-19 12:32:02

Omg!! Thank you!! I’m still afraid to believe it!!! Xx

Comps83 Wed 10-Apr-19 12:32:53

When was your AF due?

LividLaughLove Wed 10-Apr-19 12:42:13

Looks like maybe a 12dpo positive to me

AmC39 Wed 10-Apr-19 12:42:53

It’s due Saturday, hence the FR test

AmC39 Wed 10-Apr-19 12:45:42

Yes, 12 dpo would be approximately right!

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