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Is this a miscarriage *warning*very graphic image

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butterflykiss00 Wed 10-Apr-19 21:24:41

You can private mail me the image if that's any help, I've seen worse things and I've had a miscarriage myself 4 times beforesmile

becca3210 Wed 10-Apr-19 16:10:18

Hope you are ok. You have done the right thing going straight to the doctors. Agree maybe best not to post the image.

mintchick Wed 10-Apr-19 09:40:37

OP are you ok?

PotteringAlong Wed 10-Apr-19 07:35:29

Please don’t post an image, there’s no need. Just go to the Dr’s.

123poppy Wed 10-Apr-19 07:34:15

Sorry can’t work out how to add picture.

123poppy Wed 10-Apr-19 07:33:50

I’m on the pill (had missed some) and this month started bleeding. I’ve now been bleeding for 12 days and yesterday this came out. I’m going to the doctors today as the bleeding isn’t stopping. I feel sick.

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