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BeautifulGarbage Tue 09-Apr-19 19:46:04

We have been ttc for about four years
Nothing has happened atall
We were referred to the fertility clinic but due to the weird way the appointments work because we had to reschedule two we've been discharged

My bloods were good last time and suggested I had ovulated - compared to three or four none ovulatory results

His sperm test came back ok

Just don't understand why it's not happening

Obviously we aren't getting any younger - I'm 30 and he's 38

I have pcos and endo but do have one child from a previous marriage

Can someone please advise me on how we go about IVF? I understand we aren't eligible for NHS as I already have one child but if anyone can recommend clinics etc for us. We're in the Lincoln area but happy to travel - even happy to go abroad if necessary

Do the private clinics focus on weight? The fertility clinic said I had to have a bmi of under 29 to get treatment - I was about 34 I think
I know I need to lose weight but it doesn't happen overnight does it?

Can someone talk me through their experiences please?

Thanks smile

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