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Ovulation calendars help!!

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Paigeypoo123 Tue 09-Apr-19 00:11:02

I know there is a lot of calendars and calculators out there to help find out when your ovulating but I’m a bit confused by them all as they all tell me different dates
So I’m looking for help 🤪
Me and hubby had unprotected sex on the 7th April 2019
My Lmp is 29/03/2019
My cycle is 28 days
And my next period is due on 26/04/2019
Can someone help me work out if we had sex on the right day 😊
Thank you

NannyPear Tue 09-Apr-19 04:56:03

Problem with the calculators is they obviously only provide estimates of when you ovulate, usually based on a 14 day luteal phase. So, say you ovulate on day 14, having sex on CD 12/13 would be ideal. But, some women have slightly longer or slightly longer luteal phases. Mine are about 12 days meaning for a 28 day cycle I'd ovulate on CD 16, so sex on CD 14/15 may be better.

NannyPear Tue 09-Apr-19 04:57:38

If I was using dates alone I'd say the 7th (CD 9) was a few days too early, but sperm can live up to 5 days and we don't know when you ovulated so who knows.

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