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TTC - am I in with a chance this month?

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Claire78564 Mon 08-Apr-19 20:58:25

Hello. Hope you all good, just wondered if I could pick a few brains. So I came off the pill in Oct and conceived in jan. sadly it resulted in a mc st 5 week. Had a proper cycle back in March and just had positive OPKs. I realllly would appreciate some advice on if you think I have s good chance of conceiving this month? We have adopted the smep method. So since cd8 we have had sex every other day. Last Wednesday we had sex then a two day break. On Saturday we had sex in the morning. In the afternoon I had a positive smile face on a clear blue opk. During the night we randomly dtd. On the Sunday I took another ovulation test to see where I was at in the afternoon and that showed still positive so we had sex again and had sex today. The OPKs are no negative. Does that mean I’ve ovulated or could do so tomorrow? Tomorrow according to the smep method we have a break then dtd on weds. What you Think? Could I have a chance of conceiving this month? Thanks in advance I know it’s long winded! X

Headswim Mon 08-Apr-19 22:27:55

That's a lot of sex! I would say you should be hopeful for sure. I heard two days before ovulation is optimum so sperm is there when the egg arrives. From a positive ovulation test the egg will be ready for the sperm to fertilise within 24 hours normally, and hang around for 12-24 after that.

The EWCM (egg white cervical mucus) is important to notice as that is what helps swimmers get to the egg and this normally happens around ovulation.wink

Track your temperature through an app lIke Ovia or Natural Cycles if you're not already doing that smile

Claire78564 Tue 09-Apr-19 00:11:16

Thanks @headswim. I tend to have more fo the water cm so I use pressed from time to time. I’m keeping my fingers and my toes crossed. Yeah I guess if the positive opk was sat afternoon and I didn’t ovulate until Sunday afternoon / Monday morning there’s a chance sperm are where they need to be. Thanks xx

Headswim Tue 09-Apr-19 18:07:34

Sending you baby dust and let me know the result.

I am on 4th cycle ttc for #1, 5/6dpo and have had cramps since ovulation, mega gas, lots of CM, severe tiredness and hunger... 🤔

Claire78564 Tue 09-Apr-19 21:07:42

Baby dust to you too 😊 ah all good signs. I’m currently 1/2 dpo and I don’t feel anything I remember back with the first pregnancy I had painful breasts pretty much from the moment of ovulation but nothing so far. I put that down to ovulation though because I don’t think you can get symptoms a day later. 5/6 days tho isn’t too far away. Let me know how you get on and I hope it works out well 👍

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