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Is it implantation bleeding?

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Travellingmamma Mon 08-Apr-19 19:50:26

I have 2 DC, my periods were like clockwork 28 days up until I had my second but have been a bit all over the place since. I am currently on day 29 of a normally 26/27 day cycle, today I had a spot of blood at lunchtime but then nothing again for the rest of the day. I’ve googled it and it seems too late for implantation bleeding, but it’s not like my period, which is normally heavyish from the start. Does anyone have any experience? With my first 2 I didn’t have any bleeding whatsoever on implantation, no sure if it’s just my period being iffy again. I don’t have a pregnancy test in to take right now, can’t get out until tomorrow, thanks in advance!

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