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First Anovulatory Cycle

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Muchocjnk1 Mon 08-Apr-19 18:34:00

I’ve been lurking for a while with some really helpful advice and feel it’s time for my first post.

So I’ve been ttc for a year with no luck. Started the fertility clinic journey. One thing I’ve been sent for was the day 21 progesterone test. Now I already knew that with my cycle I wouldn’t be doing it at day 21 as I tend to ovulate between day 17 at the earliest and day 21 as my average latest ovulation. My plan was to wait for a positive opk and go 7 days after. I’ve been using these since November and have had no problem getting a positive each month.

However I’ve had no positive opk in March so it would appear I’m having an anovultory cycle. I had one that was a little unclear that I thought could be positive but it was as dark as the control on the left side but light on the right so I’ve taken that to mean it wasn’t a true positive opk. However the fertility clinic nurse said to have the bloods done anyway.

I’m currently on cycle day 42, no true positive opk and no positive pregnancy test. I’ve read all the advice about temping being the only true measure of ovulation aside from the bloods, however I get disproportionately hot when I sleep so I don’t think it would be something worthwhile for me.

I just want AF to show so my body can ‘reset’ my cycle and start fresh with the next month.

I’ve also had my results for the progesterone bloods through today and, as suspected, low progesterone which obviously means I haven’t ovulated.

Coincidentally, I started thyroid meds at the beginning of the cycle and I was wondering if this could have had anything to do with the delay. I always get a period every month. 33 days on average although it can vary by 5 days either side. I thought that the thyroid meds would make things more regular, not cause a delay. Has anyone had anything similar? I’m so frustrated.

Dobbysocks Mon 08-Apr-19 20:41:25


Whyhaveidonethis Mon 08-Apr-19 21:47:59

No advice really except that maybe you just missed the surge on an opk?

I am also having a possibly anovulatory cycle. Had two days of positive opks but no corresponding rise in bbt. Did have ovulation pains too. I'm also meant to be having 21 day bloods done so know exactly how you feel

Dobbysocks Mon 08-Apr-19 22:49:02

Possible to have missed the surge for sure but definitely frustrating when it happens. Why are bodies so complicated!

Tolleshunt Mon 08-Apr-19 22:54:02

Maybe the thyroid meds messed things up. Also, maybe the stress of the tests?

So frustrating for you. Do the clinic have any ideas, or are you yet to have a proper debrief?

Tolleshunt Mon 08-Apr-19 22:54:54

By thyroid meds messing things up, I meant in the sense that there is a new thing in the mix, and there might be a period of adjustment.

Dobbysocks Mon 08-Apr-19 23:40:46

Not sure if it’s visible to others, I’ve changed my username since the original post but I am the OP.

As far as the fertility clinic goes, at the moment it’s lots of test gathering. The debrief isn’t until August where we will talk through all of the results. Seems so far away and the thought of a hsg is terrifying me. I was hoping for a BFP before needing the fertility clinic, then before needing the HSG. Seems as if that hope just gets further and further away.

I think I may stop using OPKs as they’re adding to the frustration.

Just so irritating seeing as I’ve had a positive each month until now. Husband’s semen analysis also showed a low count of 10million. There’s a repeat of this being done but it definitely feels as if it will never happen for us at this point.

I’m trying to tell myself what you’ve mentioned - the thyroid meds are something new and it may just be my body adjusting. Fingers crossed that is all that it is.

Tolleshunt Mon 08-Apr-19 23:52:16

August is a long time to wait, Dobby given how stressful this is. Do you have any ways of managing the stress?

I had a HSG, and was absolutely petrified, having heard they are like the most painful thing ever. In the event, I was absolutely astonished that it wasn't at all painful. And over in literally two minutes. The worst thing was the speculum, I always find them painful, but the actual HSG was fine, I didn't actually feel anything. I didn't believe them when they said it was done, I asked if they were sure!

I conceived not long after, on my third and final cycle of IUI. That cycle we had a vial of sperm that only contained three million. I was convinced the cycle was a waste of time. Actually that one, where we had our lowest sperm count, and I was highly stressed knowing it would be on to hugely expensive IVF if it failed, resulted in a BFP, who is now my almost 4 year old DD.

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