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trying to concieve...10?

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Slink Fri 10-Sep-04 18:44:42

Hi all just would like some advice, i am ovulating and get really bad pain, if i take paracetomol will that ruin my chances of concieveing??? weird i know but have been trying for a while now xx

Slink Fri 10-Sep-04 19:30:14

Well thank you have decided to take two and then have a hot water bottle, probably why i have not got pg yet that and it is so painful bd is the last thing on my mind. xx

Good luck to all

CP3 Fri 10-Sep-04 19:33:44

Im sure paracetomal will have no effect on you concieving as it is the ony painkiller recommended to take when you are pregnant iyswim.

Do you normally get so much pain when ovulating? How Long have you bee trying and is this your first?

kelmcdonald Wed 22-Jun-11 20:53:03

hi im new to this site and new to clomid. this is my first cycle of clomid, i was given 100mg to start on day 2-6 and im now on day 28, im not sure if i ovulated or not, although i did have cramping in both left and right side of my stomache. i have been put on clomid due to irregular periods and not ovulating. so far i have had hot flushes and bloatedness, loss of appetite (which soon came bk lol) headaches, very slight blurred vision(but that subsided quickly) the only thing i still have is i cant shift the heavy bloating feeling i dont no why im still getting it, im very confused, i have taken a preg test and it came bk negative. ive not seen anyone with the same as me (although i no there are - im obviously looking in wrong area) i also have a fibroid that is the size of a 5p and was told it should not effect me concieving. does anyone out there have the same

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