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My boyfriend acts like he's broody ?

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sparklyseahorse Mon 08-Apr-19 14:27:05

Not sure where was best to put this but I thought conception was best? But I signed up here to ask this ..

Basically in the past year or so in my long term relationship I suspect my boyfriend does want kids now whereas we never mentioned the subject before or ever thought about it yet, and have only recently realised this for sure. It's like he keeps dropping hints all the time about babies or kids.

We had a conversation a few months ago where's I said well made it obvious I might want kids then since then he keeps mentioning kids all the time and he wants a dog and he seems to be thinking about a dog that would be good with kids... he smiles at kids we see and keeps showing me pictures of his nephew all the time. He keeps mentioning when he's seen kids and says they're cute and now he says babies are cute but in the past he didn't think so I think.

I think before we had the talk about kids he thought I didn't want them? Because he said "so you like babies now" one time after I said I really like my nephew. I probably gave the impression I found kids annoying cos every time I saw them shouting or being annoying I'd mention it, he never seemed to mind it.

He watches shows about people having families, he kept making hints about babies in shows we watch too.

Is it that obvious he's broody? Could it even be that he is as it's different for men right?

He's a bit older than me, so it could be possible he does feel ready for kids now? Meanwhile I definitely don't quite yet I don't feel sorted enough with savings and a good enough job to be able to keep.,. But I'm kinda worried if he's broody he'll want me to have kids with him soon.

All my friends that have kids are guys and older than me so I don't feel able to ask them if it sounds like my bf is broody but to me it feels like it just wanted to get some advice on here though on what to do , say etc.

showmethegin Mon 08-Apr-19 17:28:56

Ask him?

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