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Confusion over long cycles?!

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Hoping87 Sun 07-Apr-19 20:37:07

So after coming off the pill I have had 2 x 31 day cycles followed by a 54 day cycle and I’m now currently on cd 39....I’m a bit confused as to what my body is actually doing, am I still ovulating even though my cycles are pretty long? TMI....I have been checking cm and cervix and I’ve had no ewcm. It’s currently creamy and my cervix feels pretty firm and low. I just wish I knew what it all meant!

AysLon Sun 07-Apr-19 21:18:52

I'm in a similar boat, @Hoping87. I came off in October. 1 was 52, 2 was 37, 3 was 33. Im currently CD22 but no positive OPK after 8 days of testing so God knows what's going on. Wish there was something we could do to speed up this waiting and it settles down for us both.

Hoping87 Sun 07-Apr-19 22:23:19

Thanks for responding @AysLon. I stopped in October too! Thought I was having regular cycles with having 2 cycles that were 31 days but obviously not!! So frustrating! I’m not using opks or anything but if I’m having a period even if it’s after 54 days does that mean I’m ovulating or not? And if so when am I likely to be ovulating? So confusing!
I’ve spent the last 13/14 years obsessing over taking my pill on time not to get pregnant....didn’t think it would be this difficult!

AysLon Mon 08-Apr-19 09:19:36

@Hoping87 I recommend using CBOPK they will tell you when you are ovulating. If you are having a period even after 54 days it means you are ovulating, but the issue is knowing which day. I was on the pill for 15years, it takes time to settle into routine when you come off, at least that is what I'm experiencing! I saw a peak smiley face on the CBOPK this morning, after 9 days of testing and seeing flashing smiley face. I am CD23 out of what I think is a 33 day cycle. I feel like a statistician with all these numbers- welcome to the mad works of TCC ha ha

LemonyLimey Mon 08-Apr-19 10:07:36

I'm in a similar boat to you both and massively confused & frustrated, hope I can join?

I stopped Cerelle in October 2018, first period in November & now cycles with varying length;
1st 47 days, 2nd 42 days, 3rd 28 days & now currently in my 4th cycle, day 29.

I started using Clearblue Advanced this cycle and it showed I peaked last week (04/04) after five days of high, this would put me back to a 39 day cycle... so currently feeling my cycles will never settle. Using the Glow app currently, do you use anything to follow your cycle?

Glad i'm not the only person with varying cycles & feeling TTC is much harder than previously believed... after years of being on the pill trying to not get pregnant!

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