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lovely things that cost about the same as a pregancy test

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Sleepyhead11 Sun 07-Apr-19 18:06:51

just wondered if you could list these to stop me wasting money

last month I made myself buy poached salmon (as I know we can't often justify it) as a treat instead of yet more supermarket pts.

Mad, I know, but tell me lovely things that I can get for the same price to stop me getting PTs.

delilabell Sun 07-Apr-19 18:09:04

Some flowers? Like some nice spring flowers? Some of thay lovely Belvoir drink? A nice magazine? Nutella (i always buy the cheaper version then regret it 😂)
I think thats a really good idea. Wishing you lots of luck

Sleepyhead11 Sun 07-Apr-19 18:09:40

Thank you @delilabell, those all sound really nice. X

Sleepyhead11 Sun 07-Apr-19 18:12:08

ooh, I could get tulips.

TellySavalashairbrush Sun 07-Apr-19 18:18:54

Some Hotel chocolat stuff, couple of canned cocktails from M&S. all the best op. I know it’s bloomin tough.

LadyMonicaBaddingham Sun 07-Apr-19 18:21:18

A sheet mask. They are my new best thing; all the spoiling luxury of sitting around in a face pack without all the grim stickiness to wash off afterwards...

isntthatalwaystheway Sun 07-Apr-19 18:24:25

A lovely candle? That's honestly what I bought today instead of a PT, I even put the tests back as they were already in my Basket. Chin up OP, so tough isn't it thanks

JohnoWhits Sun 07-Apr-19 18:38:34

A tub of butter cream frosting? I keep forgetting that just because I bought it on amazon, I still paid for it!

Sleepyhead11 Sun 07-Apr-19 19:42:50

Thank you, these are all great.

*isntthatalwaystheway that takes some real willpower, I hope your candle is casting a lovely light tonight x

PumpkinsMum18 Sun 07-Apr-19 22:17:08

A month of Netflix subscription!

Shortandsweet96 Sun 07-Apr-19 23:01:43

A box of Ferrero Roche.. if that's how you spell it.

Several boxes of lindor.

A tub of Ben and Jerry's.

A new lipstick

A bottle of a nice smelling moisturiser.. which will be handy for when we need to moisturise our growing bumps after a BFP! wink

Sleepyhead11 Mon 08-Apr-19 11:53:35

I love boxes of chocolates. It feels almost wrong to buy them for myself, but I guess if instead of a PT...then...

A new lipstick also sounds lovely. Maybe coral.

Sleepyhead11 Thu 11-Apr-19 16:10:57

Still holding off. Thinking I might suggest takeout tonight, although for two that costs as much a v expensive test. I have held off buying this month though...

HollowTalk Thu 11-Apr-19 16:13:44

How much is a pregnancy test, OP? This is a great idea, btw!

Sleepyhead11 Thu 11-Apr-19 16:15:42

They vary - you can get a very cheap one for like £4, but then they go up to £16 for fancy digital ones (which is loads!)

UnaOfStormhold Thu 11-Apr-19 16:18:20

Erm, not sure if this will help but you can pay about 20p each for Internet cheapies which are just as sensitive if slightly fiddlier to use. So you could still have treats and keep on POAS...

Sleepyhead11 Thu 11-Apr-19 16:20:00

20p?? I had no idea. Just been going to the Supermarket. Have I been (literally) pissing money away?

HollowTalk Thu 11-Apr-19 16:20:25

Thanks. It's obviously a stressful time so anything that'll reduce that stress would help. A massage (from your partner) would be great. A magazine. A massive bar of chocolate. Flowers. What about strawberry plants? They sell them in tubs in supermarkets. Or body lotion? Nail varnish.

Best of luck with the tests, long term flowers

stucknoue Thu 11-Apr-19 16:21:37

If you are pregnant you will know (well most people at least) because your breasts will ache, you will go off things you love eg tea and your period won't come, I didn't take a test, waste of money, I went to the dr once my period was 2 weeks late to have it confirmed (for free)

Lemonysherbet Thu 11-Apr-19 19:42:32

Sparkly nail varnish! Who doesn't love glittery things

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