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Bfp... I think, erm. Shucks... Feeling anxious.

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fonxey Sun 07-Apr-19 10:16:03

How do i share images here? Probably just being dumb. Fyi i suffer from anxiety so i literally feel anxious about everything.

So today i was expecting my period. It's been pretty predictable since coming off bc apart from last time when it came stupidly early.

I took a simple one step test and saw a very faint line. Thought i was just seeing what i wanted to see. So tested again using same wee with a cb advanced and i got a positive line, i think. I'd share the pic if i knew how.

Been ttc since jan/feb and last month the only time i think since then when we managed to have sex on the right days around ovulation. This is after spending a fortune on ovusense because i s getting fed up of thing to use a normal bbt themometer as i have trouble remembering to use it in the mornings.

My bbt chart had been quite wonky. Still on the high side but then it doesn't drop until after my period anyway. I didn't test it today because i thought I'd have my period.

I've been keeping myself sane by just trying to not hope and assuming I'm not pregnant so my period rarely disappoints me.

Anyway what I'm leading up to is....

Can these tests lie? Maybe I'm just missing it. I'm going to get some more and test over the coming week. Unless my period starts which would be a pretty clear indicator.

It's just that i used opk and I'm sure that lied to me once too. Said i was positively ovulating on cd 2/3 when i was still bleeding.

I know this is different, i guess.

When my anxiety cranks up i have to double guess everything.

I'm also trying myself not to get excited. I know it might not stick even if i am slightly pregnant. And i don't feel that i am. I still feel like my period is about to start, i have that heavy dragging feeling. So maybe i did have a fertilused egg but maybe it wasn't any good... That too might cause a positive early preg test? I am literally on day 14. Very early.

Keyboard91 Sun 07-Apr-19 10:36:39

Are you a new member? If so you can’t post a picture for 48hrs.

I have anxiety too, and found that a CB digital was helpful because it wasn’t a case of ‘is It a line or not’ because it told me in black and white - maybe helpful? But the fact you’ve got a line on two tests would imply you are pregnant smile

As for not feeling it, not all women feel the ‘traditional signs’, especially early on. A friend of mine had zero symptoms the whole way through, just a bump. So lack of ‘symptoms’ doesn’t imply anything smile and in fact, many women say they feel like their period is about to start for the first few weeks.

Do you get support for anxiety? Xx

fonxey Sun 07-Apr-19 12:25:12

Hi, thanks. Sorry i feel very rude i just feel straight into what i wanted to talk about which is what i frequently do when anxious.

Yes, i am new ish. I did have an account before... I thought I'd created it through fb so i think i created another one by mistake. This was quicker than trying to find out what i used before as my email to rediscover my password.

I have had help with anxiety in the past. I should seek help again as I'm sure with a baby being an anxious time for most people I'll be worse!

I guess i just want expecting it as I've just convinced myself not to even hope. Now it's taken me by surprise!

We're off to buy several prego tests now. My boyfriend says I'm not too use them all up today. grin bit over the course of the week.

Whyhaveidonethis Sun 07-Apr-19 13:27:40

Good luck! I'd say with 2 positive tests you are pregnant. X

fonxey Sun 07-Apr-19 13:53:13

I really hope so. I'm just scared something will go wrong. Anxiety kicking in i have to prepare for every given situation.

But sod's law is that i bought myself 2 new menstrual cups and I'll won't get to use them for a while. And we are going on holiday in a month which should be fun...

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