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AF nearly 4 days late but BFN??

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NikolaPiccola Sat 06-Apr-19 19:25:15

I haven't gotten my period and it's 4 days over due. I'm normally very regular, it comes on the day that my tracker says it's meant to. But all I have been having the past weeks is cramps, bloating and nausea. I have the copper IUD in so chances are slim, but it doesn't explain why AF is on holiday.

I took multiple tests over the past few tests in the morning and they're all negative. I did have some light brown mucus which was sort of like ovulation mucus but it lasted for an hour or two. Losing my plot here.

What do I do? Wait a week and request a blood test? IDK. I'm in the UK if that helps.

mummabubs Sat 06-Apr-19 19:43:59

It does sound slim if you're on contraception but if it helps I had to wait until I was 5 days late before I got a BFP (tested 1 and 3 days late and got negatives immediately both times).

NikolaPiccola Sat 06-Apr-19 21:39:11

@mummabubs the reason I'm worried is because I've had issues with it (I had to have my coil pushed back in as it was too low etc) and if there was a possibility it'd be that time. Especially because I had sex a few days prior to that and the gyno did insert stuff into my cervix. It's just a waiting game, I suppose. I'd just rather know.

mummabubs Sat 06-Apr-19 23:11:00

I hope you find out conclusively either way soon X

Shmithecat2 Sun 07-Apr-19 11:10:12

I was 6 days late when I got my bfp. Got bfns at 2 days and 4 days late..

NikolaPiccola Sun 07-Apr-19 12:17:17

Update: I think my issue has been solved. My coil must have been not placed properly as my period JUST came on and with it, the coil came out! I feel so much better already! x

NikolaPiccola Sun 07-Apr-19 18:18:55

Update 2: it wasn't my period. I have brown discharge when wiping only. Nearly 5 days late now ugh.

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