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Ttc, weird bleeding and spotting but bfn

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Catlady31 Fri 05-Apr-19 16:27:25

I posted a similar message a few days ago but got no response 
TTC, since January.
I had brown spotting, only when I wiped on and off for a few days leading up to my period. Never happens me. Ever. I bled then, light for a day, then the next day passed a big clot and lots of small ones throughout the day and red blood, then it went light again for 2 days and now I'm spotting pink when I wipe. All of this has never happened me. My periods are regular and always the same, I always know what to expect.
Also I had no cramping at all which never happens and no pms symptoms, except tiredness.
I am still testing bfn though.
Could this have been implantation followed by deucidal bleeding?
Could my hcg levels be too low for urine testing? Am I going crazy? (Probably!)
I've heard both of these things can happen and clots actually occur during deucidal bleeding..
I have made apt for bloods but I have to wait over 4 weeks
Apart from fatigue and craving chocolate more than ever, I don't feel different and I've never been pregnant but just don't understand the weird bleeding 

Anyone experience similar?

Newbie21 Fri 05-Apr-19 18:37:36

Hi @Catlady31 since I had my Second MC in Nov, my AF is just like how you describe. I'm still regular and ovulate but all this spotting before, gap, clot, short actual AF is so confusing. I've been wishful thinking it's implantation but for me it hasn't been. Before MC I was clockwork and normal flow and no pre AF spotting. Are you past AF due date?

How long is your luteal phase?

I'm giving it until end of this cycle then seeing Doc to see if I need some VitB supplements or something to stop the spotting (although my LP isn't particularly short so they may not do anything)

Fingers crossed yours is implantation.

Catlady31 Fri 05-Apr-19 20:37:08

So sorry to hear about your MC, I really hope it works out soon for you.

My Luteal phase is generally between 13-16. However, I don’t know when exactly I ovulated last month as I was on nights at work, I think maybe that threw it off and it came earlier or later. I tested negative 3 days so maybe before or after...

Yes af was due Sunday but only spotting sunday and Monday and the red bleed and clots happened on Wednesday.

Newbie21 Sat 06-Apr-19 08:19:02

It's difficult as it could be a few things - implantation bleeding, possibly a chemical pregnancy or just weird cycle (which could have a cause or not). It's so frustrating when we get AF like clockwork for years and then, when it matters, our bodies go all out of whack. Having said that - I have a friend who never has regular periods and was told chances of pregnancy would poss be low - she has 3 gorgeous little girls - no difficulty at all. Maybe do another test and if BFN, assume day of red blood was first day of next cycle and see how you go. Fingers crossed 🤞

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