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Brown discharge, late period, negative test

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ellocin20 Thu 04-Apr-19 22:12:54

Back story TTC cycle 7. Take folic acid to help prep body. March 1st 2019 went to bathroom wiped and had clear discharge with spot of pink blood (possible
Implantation) for the next two weeks I noticed that my boobs became more veiny but not sore (still like that today April 4th)
Felt a tugging/pulling sensation in my lower abdomen March 15th took test - negative March 22nd took test - negative
From March 22nd along with previous symptoms now also tired and urinating more than usual but not exhausted or at the bathroom every hour
March 30th went to the bathroom wiped - light brown discharge this continues for the coming days
April 1st took test - faint barely there positive
April 2nd took test - negative
April 3rd went to bathroom - more distinct brown discharge
Today April 4th took test - negative
Went to bathroom 8pm wipes heavier brown discharge with stingy consistency

So my question is, if the faint positive is indeed correct I should be 7 weeks pregnant has anyone ever had a positive then a negative and then a final BFP ?

Is this brown discharge normal in early pregnancy?

Should I be worried ?

Just looking for a bit of advice really x

Michellebops Fri 05-Apr-19 07:55:11

You've taken 5 tests, 4 negatives and 1 faint positive? Was it all same tests?

It doesn't sound like you are pregnant.

When was your period due?

I'd maybe speak with your gp who'll arrange for an hcg blood test to confirm either way.

Good luck ❤️

ellocin20 Fri 05-Apr-19 23:59:43

5th April 2019 - still having a lot of brown discharge, veiny boobs, tiredness and frequent bathroom trips.
I’m using the same “one step” strip tests. I also suffer from PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome so determining ovulation is a hard one although natural pregnancy is still possible I just can’t track my ovulation like most woman. My HCG levels take longer to rise and I’m higher risk of miscarriage and chemical pregnancy if I do fall pregnant.
I was referred to the infertility unit October 2018 so called them today and explained the above. They confirmed that the brown discharge is a sign of early pregnancy but is also a sign of hormone imbalance and delayed period.
Their advice was to wait another week and do a HPT if my period still hasn’t arrived as my HCG levels may still be too low to show up and have requested a blood test from my doctor in 10 days time if the HPT is negative.
I queried the faint positive and she did say a positive is rarely ever wrong but followed by the negative i could be experiencing a chemical pregnancy.
I will keep this thread posted.

ellocin20 Sat 06-Apr-19 00:01:11

My period was due the 1st April as best as I can track as I mentioned above I have PCOS so get irregular periods x

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