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Late period , need advice please

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Chocol4te Thu 04-Apr-19 21:02:38

We are TTC for 3 months now, not long I know but I am becoming really impatient now haha, I was on a pill for ages and stopped taking it last May, we've just started to conceive this year in Jan, my period was never regular and quite long, now I am on day 41 (never had a cycle this long) and took few tests all negative, I am monitoring ovulation with Clear Blue Digital and got a peak on day 15 , but now 26 days later no period no BFP, I am pretty sure I am not pregnant even if I had a couple of symptoms but what I am wondering is do I need to wait for AF to come before TTC again? Can I ovulate without AF to come ? I don't understand what my body is doing ☹️

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