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Line eyes please

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Lottiebird Thu 04-Apr-19 18:59:26

This isn’t quite positive right? But definitely a darker line than I normally have. I guess we’ll just baby dance for the next few days anyway!

CZFR Thu 04-Apr-19 19:06:44

Looks rather positive to me!! Try and take another different test tomorrow but it looks like congratulations are in order!!! Xx

CZFR Thu 04-Apr-19 19:08:21

Sorry I think I misunderstood!! Is that an ovulation test or a pregnancy test?? Xx

DeadDoorpost Thu 04-Apr-19 19:08:51

That's a very positive line!

Lottiebird Thu 04-Apr-19 19:11:35

Sorry I should have originally said this is an OPK!

CZFR Thu 04-Apr-19 19:14:05

Ahhh your posts makes more sense now! Sorry I was slow! It looks pretty dark I would defo get on it if I were you! Xx

Comps83 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:25:20

Yeah mine looked like that and so I tested on clear blue to be sure and it came up with the smiley face
My cheap ones have increasingly got darker too

Lottiebird Thu 04-Apr-19 19:30:41

Thanks everyone for replying even though I was completely unclear what I was actually asking for! I wanted to get An impartial opinion because sometimes I’m too focussed on POAS rather than shagging!!

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