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TTC with very light AF - need advice! :)

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blueskydaze31 Thu 04-Apr-19 17:52:50

Hello All,

New to this but have been lurking for a while and desperate for some advice from people who have been in similar situations, it's hard when you feel there's not that many people to talk to around you who know about this stuff.

Came the pill after many many years 8 months ago. Have been actively TTC for 5 months with no success. AF has been pretty random since coming off but to give you an idea last 3 'cycles' have been 38 days, 32 days and then the 49 days! The issue I'm having is that my flow is extremely light, basically a couple of days of just spotting, and not really red blood but browny and quite gloopy (sorry TMI). Just wondering if this could be an issue when TTC. Trying not to overthink it but hard not to when desperate for a baby.

By the way I'm 33, have never been pregnant before and am fit and healthy with no other health issues. I mentioned my very light flow to my GP a couple of months ago when I was there for an unrelated issue but she just dismissed it as having come off the pill. (Annoying).

I have also heard that Agnus Castus can be good to get cycle back in shape, has anyone had good experiences with this?

Thank you in advance for any light you can shed! smile

247mummsy Thu 04-Apr-19 18:04:57

Have you tried some ovulation sticks to see when you’re ovulating?

blueskydaze31 Thu 04-Apr-19 18:10:13

Hi! Yeah I did on my 32 day cycle month and got peak at day 12 /13 then circle days everyday and then another solid smiley at day 17 (I was doing it every day there for a bit, lol) wasn't sure why it would come up twice in one cycle but I also read that positive OPK doesn't necessarily mean ovulation? What do you think?

blueskydaze31 Thu 04-Apr-19 18:10:45

Then I ran out of tests but have just bought more so will try again this month

blueskydaze31 Thu 04-Apr-19 18:57:01


Wrigleys123 Thu 04-Apr-19 18:59:58

I have a similar thing and have pcos, not trying to scare you into thinking you have that and I have also conceived before. Trying for no.2 now!

blueskydaze31 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:03:51

Hi Wrigleys, thanks for your reply. Did you have any symptoms of PCOS or did you only find out through tests? That was my gut instinct as well, although trying not to get too stressed out. I feel like my doctors will just fob it off again as my body needing time to settle down after being on the pill so long. How long did it take you to conceive no 1? Best of luck in trying for the 2nd!

blueskydaze31 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:04:46

Also is there anything you can advise I should do at this stage?

Wrigleys123 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:09:58

I only found out as I had a chemical pregnancy before my first child, I didn't have any other symptoms other than annovulation or however you spell it. It took about 6 months to conceive my first but my periods were not so light then.

I also paid for a private ultrasound where they were able to look at my ovaries and see if they were polycystic, as I was too impatient to wait for the NHS but I did get one off of them too in the end!

Hopefully it's just your body resetting after the pill as you said, but if you feel something isn't right then definitely push for more investigations, good luck!

blueskydaze31 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:14:18

I see, well that makes me feel better since you were still able to conceive. So thanks for that! I might t look into private but I think my DH would think I was being melodramatic! They just don't quite get it the way we do! Doesn't help that I'm extremely impatient!
I hope so too, and thank for your reply, new to this but it's so nice to hear other peoples stories. Hope you get your BFP for #2 soon smile

Wrigleys123 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:18:03

Just don't tell him haha! Half kidding there obviously wink it's easier for them as they aren't going through the guessing game every month, but agree do try not to stress and worry as it's probably all fine smile

blueskydaze31 Thu 04-Apr-19 19:22:46

Oh now theres a plan! smile It's a funny old game isn't it. I used to think it would be 'fun' TTC and now 5 months in I realise it just actually just stressful, I am now overanalysing every sensation in my body. Oh the joys! smile

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