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Very faint lines on hpt for 5 days! Success stories please

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Marmite83 Thu 04-Apr-19 10:50:32

Has anyone had very very faint lines on a hpt for nearly a week and gone on to have a successful pregnancy? I'm going insane wondering what's going on. I know the line should really be getting darker and the likelihood is that it's a chemical pregnancy because I had quite a lot of bleeding for a couple of days and then it pretty much stopped, hence the initial test with a faint line. I've had no cramping or big clots. The test the next day had no line but was done from a pot rather than urine stream so I did another one the next day to be sure and the faint line was back. Did another one today and the faint line is there again. They're very squinty lines but definitely there, my dh can see them too. The lines appeared within a couple of minutes so I don't think they can be evap lines. They're 10mlu tests from Lloyds Pharmacy so should be reliable and pretty sensitive. I've ordered some FRER from Amazon so should receive them in a couple of days but in the meantime I'm going a little mad wondering. I don't have any other symptoms like sore boobs etc.

Thanks in advance.

Emmalowri Thu 04-Apr-19 15:28:01

Good luck with the FRERs! 💕

JohnoWhits Thu 04-Apr-19 20:58:57

Can you put a pic up? I’m intrigued to see! Everything crossed for you.

Shortandsweet96 Thu 04-Apr-19 22:03:34

I'm currently 7 days late and have been using a combination of tests. I've had loads of faint lines that came up in second and are pink on the Lloyd's pharmacy early detection tests. Like maybe 6 tests had lines. But clearblue, frer and internet cheapiea have been negative.

No idea what's going on I dont think I'm pregnant as would have had a line by now so I dont trust the Lloyd's tests, I've kept photos with other tests to compare and in going to send thwn to Lloyds and complain if I'm not pregnant. It's so disheartening!

Fingers are crossed for you!

Shortandsweet96 Thu 04-Apr-19 22:05:58

was like this before I broke it open but the plastic screen wouldnt let me take a clear photo

But this is my first Lloyd's test, all the others are pretty much the same. All have from of visible line on.

Marmite83 Thu 04-Apr-19 22:17:37

@Shortandsweet96 So you have positive results on other tests? How long have you been getting faint lines for?

Marmite83 Thu 04-Apr-19 22:26:18

Sorry @Shortandsweet96 I missed your first post. I'm driving myself nuts trying to figure out if I am seeing things. I wonder if yours are the same batch number as mine? Mine is W00180409 2020-10. I'm pretty certain I'm not pregnant but we've been trying for a long time and I can't help but habe a little hope because of these tests. Think im headed for disappointment!

Marmite83 Thu 04-Apr-19 22:32:25

@JohnoWhits they're quite hard to see in the photo. I can definitely see a line on each of them but they've been done over 5 days and not getting any darker. I think they must just be defective tests.

Chickpea8 Wed 01-May-19 18:31:14

I know this was a few weeks back now but just wanted to say I too got 2 positives on Lloyds tests today with the same batch number sad assume it’s a false did frer and negative x

Chickpea8 Wed 01-May-19 18:32:12

Took them out in the end

Marmite83 Wed 01-May-19 20:52:31

@Chickpea8, mine definitely didnt result in anything positive. In fact I ovulated only a few days after the last faint line. I assume they were faulty or it was a chemical pregnancy. Hopefully yours will work out better and you'll get a positive line on a frer in a couple of days

Lammoshay Wed 01-May-19 23:44:56

Shortandsweet- if you look at my started threads I got a fake positive off the Lloyds tests- will never use them again sad

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