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Hormonal imbalance

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Bubblybub Thu 04-Apr-19 08:25:28

Hey, just looking for some advice as I have searched high and low. Apologies if it’s long.

So last year I use to spot between periods, it would be from ovulation to my AF. Would just be brown. I went to the doctors and had the blood tests, the camera, ultrasound etc. All fine. So they put me on the pill and that sorted it out. I’m guessing it was hormonal? Even though the bloods didn’t show anything.

So, the pill for three months to sort that out which worked.

I came off that as I don’t like going on the pill anyway as it makes me moody. So wanted to come off as soon as. I thought three months would probably be enough time for any hormonal issues to sort. I came off that and everything was fine, stopped spotting for around six months.

Now me and my other half are trying to conceive and I’ve now started spotting again from ovulation to AF!! sad were only on month 3 but BFN so far. I’m worried that this spotting is going to stop me conceiving.

I know that I’m defiantly ovulating as I’m doing the strips.

So basically I’m wondering if this spotting is going to stop me conceiving. If anyone has been in the same situation etc, I obviously can’t go back on the pill to sort out the spotting.

Cycle is also regular from 27-29 days. Ovulation always from 14-16 days.

Any advice would be great. Thanks

DieCryHate Thu 04-Apr-19 10:13:54

Hi, I spot and was diagnosed with a mild hormone imbalance. I got pregnant with my first the second cycle of trying. In fact, my most obvious symptom was absolutely no spotting between my last period and post birth. Good luck!

Bubblybub Thu 04-Apr-19 10:46:45

Thankyou lovely this fills me with reassurance!

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