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2 of same tests, lines in different places. Please help :(!

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hopefully2019 Wed 03-Apr-19 12:16:19

Same test. Top one was FMU
bottom one was SMU

what do you all think?

hopefully2019 Wed 03-Apr-19 12:17:47

Individual test

Catconfusion Wed 03-Apr-19 12:18:14

I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe test with a different brand if you're concerned. Good luck!

hopefully2019 Wed 03-Apr-19 12:18:48

Thanks so much for quick reply! I'll get another test ASAP! Xxxxx

Catconfusion Wed 03-Apr-19 12:22:46

How many days post ovulation are you?

hopefully2019 Wed 03-Apr-19 12:24:20


hopefully2019 Wed 03-Apr-19 12:24:27


Catconfusion Wed 03-Apr-19 12:52:36

Maybe try First Response. I find they're best, especially early on. If you get a two pack can test again when you've missed a period to double check. Good luck!

Stinkytoe Wed 03-Apr-19 12:54:41

Look positive to me, especially testing that early on.

KitKat1985 Wed 03-Apr-19 12:56:34

They both look positive to me. x

hopefully2019 Wed 03-Apr-19 19:12:29

Does anyone think the lines look odd as I've done a FRER with mid day wee(I did drink a lot through the morning) and was negative ?

Weathergirl1 Wed 03-Apr-19 19:21:23

I'd wait another day or so and repeat with the One Step - save your money! They look positive and will darken. 9dpo is still quite early. There was also a link somewhere on here (can find it) that actually suggested that FMU isn't the best at this stage - obviously you still need to not have drunk lots! (I got a stronger line late afternoon the day after I got the squinter with FMU)

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