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8 and 9dpo squinter??

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CherryO88 Tue 02-Apr-19 19:46:04

First cycle since mmc and D&C in February. Can anyone see the lines?? Both appeared within 10 min of doing the test

GookledyGobb Tue 02-Apr-19 19:56:31

I can see on the bottom test. Mostly I think because I know where to look. I’ve seen a lot of frer Evaps like that

CherryO88 Tue 02-Apr-19 20:05:57

@gookledyGobb thanks for having a look. An evap is what I’m worried about. Have had the year from hell so don’t want to get my hopes up with this one

CherryO88 Wed 03-Apr-19 08:08:03

Just in case anyone is in the same position. This was my test this morning at 10dpo!

SunStruck Wed 03-Apr-19 08:16:51

@CherryO88 I can definitely see the bottom one, mine looked like that this morning and I'm either 8 or 10 DPO!

CherryO88 Wed 03-Apr-19 08:22:57

Good luck @SunStruck! I got a much stronger line this morning so I’m delighted but very cautious given what we been through. Crossing my fingers you get a definite BFP tomorrow!

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