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Trying to conceive

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coco03 Tue 02-Apr-19 18:56:18

I had my implant out on Thursday last week just wondering how long it takes to get back to normal I really want to start trying for a baby but I've been bleeding since I had it removed and I've been feeling dreadful just any guidance would be appreciated

seriouslyreally Wed 03-Apr-19 07:58:09

After getting the implant removed it can take several months for your cycle to get back to normal - I believe the average is 12 months to fall pregnant x

nauseous5000 Fri 12-Apr-19 14:00:41

I'd post in conception

chloew1924 Thu 25-Apr-19 19:28:33

It took me 7 months to get pregnant after having my implant removed (obviously everyone is different though) that pregnancy sadly ended in a miscarriage

lankyliscuits Thu 25-Apr-19 19:38:46

I was on the pill, took my last pill on 5 Aug then came on my period on the 29th. My cycles have been pretty text book since there, average 27 day cycle but nearly 9 months later and we're still TTC our first. Still trying to go with the flow with it but sometimes easier said than done!

NLouise123 Thu 25-Apr-19 19:48:34

I've got 7 pills left, then AF and hopefully starting TTC around the 11th of May, I know it will probably take a few cycles to get back into a rhythm after 5 years on the pill!

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