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Vaginal discharge before period

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VikiGla97 Tue 02-Apr-19 17:50:53

Hi everyone! I was just wondering what kind of discharge did u have in the very beginning of your pregnancy? I am 12 days before my period, I got cramps, metallic taste in my mouth, I had pain in my lower back and I am all the time tired 🤷🏻‍♀️ My discharge is white and it stays dry with a time on my underwear....I don't have a lot of it as well, Althought I don't feel dry 🤷🏻‍♀️ what was ur experience?

kaytee87 Tue 02-Apr-19 18:15:03

You're probably ovulating.
Most people ovulate 12-16 days before their period. Implantation takes place 4-9 days later so you wouldn't be experiencing any pregnancy symptoms at the moment (unless you have a unusually long luteal phase)

Yakadee Tue 02-Apr-19 18:23:50

Agree with pp. Unfortunately it's unlikely you'd be experiencing pregnancy symptoms at this stage - that's not to say that you won't get your bfp this month (🤞).

I got a lot of discharge before I got my positive and it was kind of ew - more like my ovulation type.

Good luck x

Stinkytoe Tue 02-Apr-19 18:25:25

I had a lot of discharge before bfp and oddly my vagina felt all puffy and swollen (I was checking my cervix position - couldn’t read anything from it but did notice the puffyness)

VikiGla97 Tue 02-Apr-19 21:34:25

Thanks guys 🤷🏻‍♀️ I still have a hope but maybe u r right and it is just ovulation 🤭

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