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Working out when AF “starts and stops” when ttc

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JohnoWhits Tue 02-Apr-19 07:16:53

Hello. I’m ttc baby #2. My cycles are much more consistent than the first time, averaging 28-32 days.

My question is what is classed as “spotting” and when do you count your first actual day of AF and your last? I’ve swapped to using a moon cup so I’m finding it more difficult to know when AF has actually arrived, or if I’d been using other sanitary items if I would have classed it as spotting. The same goes for when finishing my AF.

Any thoughts (especially when using a mooncup is involved) would be great.

crazychemist Wed 03-Apr-19 14:11:58

Hi @Johnowits, I’ve never used a mooncup, but could see nobody else had replied, so I’ll try to be helpful....

Day 1 is the first day when you see red blood, rather than pink or brown, which would have been seen as spotting. If you have cramps, they tend to start during day 1 as well (although some people do get them during spotting anyway).

You may find temperature charting useful if you are trying to judge ovulation?

JohnoWhits Wed 03-Apr-19 18:36:42

Hey chemist. Thanks for the reply and not leaving me on my lemon. So when I’ve read up before it said af is classed as when it’s enough to fill a tampon or pad. But that’s much trickier with the moon cup. I did bbt last time trying to conceive but I got a bit obsessive with it!!

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