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Can you still bleed/have a period when pregnant?

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chloesweetie23 Mon 01-Apr-19 22:52:20

Hi all,

I was just wondering whether you can still bleed a lot/have a period when you're pregnant. I'm 2 weeks late on my period and I'm getting cramps that feel like when I'm due to come on my period.


Samind Mon 01-Apr-19 22:55:34

Have you done a pregnancy test? I think you can expel old blood in the first while or have an implantation bleed when newly pregnant.

chloesweetie23 Mon 01-Apr-19 23:02:20

@Samind I haven't done a pregnancy test yet no, as I am convinced it will be a negative as these cramps feel like period cramps sad me and my partner have been ttc for 7 months and every month is a disappointment so far...

Tailfeather Mon 01-Apr-19 23:02:36

I had implantation cramps that felt like severe period pain. I assumed it was my period coming and that I wasn't pregnant.

Samind Mon 01-Apr-19 23:12:43

Well if it's 2 weeks late, I'd maybe test. I had horrific cramps early pregnancy. Honestly thought something bad was happening but it was bean burrowing! I bled also and needed an early scan but all was thankfully well 😌 really wishing you luck and positive testing OP!

chloesweetie23 Mon 01-Apr-19 23:12:58

@Tailfeather were you due to come on when you were getting these cramps?

Tailfeather Mon 01-Apr-19 23:15:48

I can't remember precisely. It was right at the start and I was thinking I was pregnant so I was late but only by a few days.

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