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coughingbean Mon 01-Apr-19 21:16:42

TMI warning in advance!

I am currently using an app to track my periods, it's the first time I have done this.
When I start my period the first two(ish) days are light spotting and the last 4-5 days are also light spotting with more when I wipe.

Sometimes on these days there is nothing in my underwear but there is when I wipe.

My question is when do I track the start and finish of my period? Is it from the first wiping of blood until the last?

Apologies if I would thick! I have 2 DCs already but this is the first planned one!

coughingbean Mon 01-Apr-19 21:17:13

Sorry, there was paragraphs when I wrote this!

anitagreen Tue 02-Apr-19 16:23:57

Yeah that's what I do from first sight of blood to last sight x

DieCryHate Tue 02-Apr-19 16:55:38

I spot due to hormone imbalance and was told to count the day I see fresh blood as the first day of my cycle.

coughingbean Tue 02-Apr-19 20:47:07

Thanks for the replies!

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