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Clearblue advanced digital ovulation test

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klj411 Mon 01-Apr-19 18:12:58


I am just after some advice from anyone who has used the clearblue ovulation tests.

I had the copper coil removed in February and started trying to conceive straight away. I had a regular cycle with the coil and had one period starting on the 22nd of Feb after it was removed but had nothing since. Before the coil I had irregular periods too so its not that surprising it is back to being irregular now.

I did a pregnancy test on Friday which was negative so bought the ovulation tests however I don't know when I should start using it or if I start randomly tomorrow not knowing where I am in my cycle if it will be accurate? Any advice?

mila1988 Wed 03-Apr-19 17:09:34

I would roughly try from when you think you might be ovulating. That can be a start point and then if it does appear as 'not fertile' I suppose to can try the following day until you get a flashing smiley.

klj411 Wed 03-Apr-19 17:30:11

Hi, thanks for your reply.

So I posted another thread as I did start testing yesterday. It was low fertility and then I had a static smiley today. I'm unsure whether this would be accurate? Plus I had 4 errors before I got the static smiley.

I am currently cycle day 41!

Its so confusing!

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