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Should I test?

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twinkle999 Mon 01-Apr-19 09:42:08

Ovulation was 24th and DTD that day, and the day before.
Spotting at 7DPO, 8DPO and 9DPO. Funny prickly/spiked feeling but no symptoms.

Period not due for another 7 days (on basis of 28 day cycle) but not super regular (have had 24/25 day cycle before).

I do spot a bit before period - maybe from 2 days before but this seems v early.

Would you test?

xoxhayleyxox Mon 01-Apr-19 12:25:53

Hey! Yeah I'd deffo test, try and do a FRER if you can!

twinkle999 Tue 02-Apr-19 22:22:25

Thanks for the advice.
Have not yet tested as scared it will be negative and have got myself excited now 🙄

Whyhaveidonethis Tue 02-Apr-19 22:28:11

@twinkle999 I'd hold off for a few days personally.... Or I'd plan to then give in to temptation 😂

twinkle999 Wed 03-Apr-19 23:31:24

Negative 😭

Now worried I have some weird gynae issue 😑

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