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Coming off Mini Pill

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Loulou2689 Mon 01-Apr-19 00:03:27

Hey All,

I’ve been on the mini pill since I was 15 (30 this year) and hands up I’ve fotgotten to take a few over the years and in doing so I’ve started to have a little bleed a couple of days after.

Well, two weeks ago I was poorly and just totally forgot to take my pill for a few days...then I had sex with partner.

I didn’t start the pill again as I thought I’d wait for a bleed and restart. It’s been two weeks since the last pill and still no bleed.

I’ve had what feels like period pains and myboobd have been very sensitive.

I just wondered if there was a slight chance of becoming pregnant a few days after not taking the pill or of what I’m feeling could just be a delayed withdrawal bleed?

Any advice would be so grateful so that I stop googling every night 😌

Thanks x

Yakadee Mon 01-Apr-19 04:41:22

Yes I think there could be a chance. I wax on the pill and was always told to use extra protection if ill or missed a pill.

I guess the only way to know for sure would be to take a test. X

Loulou2689 Mon 01-Apr-19 05:09:51

Yes, always been told that too but like I say I’ve missed pills over the 10 years of taking it and always spotted a little bit. This time, nothing.
Maybe it’s my time to be a mum smile x

wannabebump Mon 01-Apr-19 07:29:21

It is possible to be pregnant after missing one pill....however your body will go through changes as the hormones leave your body as well which feel very similar to PMS & to pregnancy, as you haven't restarted your pill it could be that x

Loulou2689 Mon 01-Apr-19 07:36:10

I think because I’ve never had this happen to me before where I’ve missed a pill then had a bleed and now I’m like hello??
Thank you, guess I’ll jave to see what happens x

Comps83 Mon 01-Apr-19 07:39:56

You need to buy a test. It took me a month to have any sort of bleed after stopping the mini pill
It’s really messed things up and I have no idea when AF is due or if I’m ovulating .
There’s and active thread :re coming off cerazette with a good few of us in the same boat

Loulou2689 Mon 01-Apr-19 07:50:34

I think I’ll be too early for a test? It’ll be two weeks this Thursday since we...

OK, I’ll have a look. Thank you x

tisonlymeagain Mon 01-Apr-19 10:25:36

I've recently come off the mini-pill Cerazette. Like you, when I've missed pills normally within a few days or a week later I'll have a little bleed. Now I stopped it for good four weeks ago, I've had diddly squat, typical!

Loulou2689 Mon 01-Apr-19 10:33:14

I know! I’ve never got pregnant before when this has happened. Have you taking a test? X

tisonlymeagain Mon 01-Apr-19 12:23:20

I did a test last week which was negative but to be fair we've been using condoms as weren't going to TTC yet, although did have unprotected sex twice. I think it would have been too early to show up anyhow, but I can feel AF coming...all the signs are there!

Loulou2689 Mon 01-Apr-19 12:36:48

I have been experiencing sore and sensitive boobs along with tummy pains for a week now and I’m like todays the day i am going to bleed...nothing haha x

tisonlymeagain Thu 04-Apr-19 12:41:54

Just come back to this @Loulou2689 to say AF arrived today as I expected! So about 31 days since I last took a pill. I actually feel like my body has gone through a proper cycle, as I am sure I ovulated a couple of weeks ago, due to CM etc. Feeling very positive now!

Loulou2689 Thu 04-Apr-19 13:03:53

I have had a negative test and doctor said take another in a few days incase I’ve done it early. So, we shall see x

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