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Advice on Conceiving with IRREGULAR PERIODS?

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EssJayyCee Sun 31-Mar-19 22:39:59

I have really random cycles in the last 6 months ranging from 18-64 days..

Has anyone conceived with irregular cycles and got any tips?


barneymcgroo Sun 31-Mar-19 22:47:06

Have a look at the link above. Worth getting to know what your body does during your cycle and when you're at your most fertile.

Cheerfulcharlie Sun 31-Mar-19 22:57:53

Acupuncture is incredible for regulating periods - it worked for me within a couple of months and I had very long irregular cycles. Also look at the interaction with insulin and try to regulate your blood sugar / cut out sugar & high GI foods.

SnowdropsiUnderTrees Sun 31-Mar-19 22:58:06

Have frequent sex. Every 2 days.
Also what worked for me, bizarrely, was cuddling a newborn and sniffing its head!!
Best of luck.

agteacht Sun 31-Mar-19 23:42:06

Definitely use OPKs. But a large pack on amazon and start using them a week after AF stop. Also cervical mucus very telling. Have you looked into why your cycles are so long?

hopll Sun 31-Mar-19 23:47:44

I have, I conceived what was supposed to be a week before my period. I get cycles ranging from roughly 25-54 days and I tried all different strategies and tracked my period with apps etc and happened to conceive when I wasn't considered fertile! I'd have sex every two days or as often as you can

EssJayyCee Mon 01-Apr-19 09:41:39

Thank you all for your replies!

@agteacht I have been using OPK's for the last 3 months but with work I can only do them first thing in the morning and in the evenings so I think I miss my surge. I have only seen one positive in all that time and a few very faint negative lines.
Also, I went to the doctors about it and had blood tests which were all normal, i had an ultrasound which showed tiny cysts in my right ovary and was told apart from not knowing when my periods were coming everything should be okay and is normal.

@hopll that is great news! Thank you so much that makes me feel better about the whole thing! We will have to try sex every 2 days and hope for the best!

I have been tracking BBT but the cycle I am on now has been really up and down because I was on holiday at the beginning of it so i was naturally warmer anyway.. and since I've been back home I keep waking up at random times in the night so the timing of taking my temperature has had to change so it's not been too accurate.

@SnowdropsiUnderTrees that is bizarre... I work in a nursery with babies of all ages.. maybe that will help me some how? 🤣

CuppaSarah Mon 01-Apr-19 13:59:21

Tracking BBT and OPKS were essential for me when my periods were the irregular. Otherwise we just got shagged out every long cycle, or caught out every short cycle.

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