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Line eyes please!

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Vicsleighbob Sun 31-Mar-19 18:10:05

Just done a cheapy test strip (all I have in at the moment). I'm on CD24 of a 27 day cycle and had very dilute urine.

I can see a line but it's V faint (I've filtered the picture) and I don't know if I believe it or not. I had a chemical back in Jan which devastated me. We had fertility testing in Feb that showed I have very low ovarian reserve and the doctor said I only have a 5% chance of conceiving naturally.

I really want this and I feel like I did back in Jan (sore boobs, bloated etc) but am I seeing things??? Typical that the shops are closed! I promised myself I wouldn't test early this month too.....😞

TheChineseChicken Sun 31-Mar-19 18:13:25

I can definitely see a line but can't tell from that pic if there is colour to it. Best bet is to get a FRER tomorrow. Good luck

GreenTulips Sun 31-Mar-19 18:16:49

Can you take the pic on a different coloured background in colour?

hcopp Sun 31-Mar-19 18:17:58

I see it too, but can't tell colour of the line, of course.

I agree with the PP - get a FRER tomorrow. Everything crossed for you.

HC xx

Vicsleighbob Sun 31-Mar-19 18:18:42

Unfiltered pic. It's very faint tbh but did come up within a couple of mins and with dilute urine.

Maybe I'm just grasping at straws. My DH says he can't see a line 😞

RLOU30 Sun 31-Mar-19 18:20:26

I can see it but re test x

GreenTulips Sun 31-Mar-19 18:24:20

I can see it now!

JohnoWhits Sun 31-Mar-19 18:42:07

I don’t think it’s faint I think it’s ready to get strong!

Vicsleighbob Sun 31-Mar-19 18:53:45

Thank you all. 💐

I'm just so scared it's a false+ or another chemical. We're travelling to Vegas at the weekend too which is another worry now. We booked a short break to get away from the stresses of ttc and work. It's almost funny now.

I'm keeping everything crossed it's real, especially as it's Mother's Day!

keepforgettingmyusername Sun 31-Mar-19 18:57:09

Looks like my positive at 10dpo with FMU. I'm 7 weeks now. Everything crossed for you OP!

Samind Sun 31-Mar-19 19:09:14

Saw it better on the unfiltered picture 😍

keepforgettingmyusername Sun 31-Mar-19 19:10:55

Tweaked it just for fun. Definitely a line on the invert

Vicsleighbob Sun 31-Mar-19 19:42:11

Ah, thank you! 😊

snowflakesnow Sun 31-Mar-19 19:54:01

There's definitely a line but you should really wait until the day af is due

whyhaveidonethis Sun 31-Mar-19 19:56:43

Hi, I can see the line, however I had one identical on an IC this month and it ended up being a BFN. Never had so much as a amidge of a line on these before either.

Fingers crossed it gets stronger. X

LokiCat Sun 31-Mar-19 22:58:54

I saw the line without even clicking on the photo. As others have said though, try a FRER test tomorrow for confirmation. Fingers crossed for you! X

agteacht Sun 31-Mar-19 23:40:54

I think you'll get a positive on FRER. I have a similar line on cheapie but strong positive on FRER and digital, I'm 12dpo.

Vicsleighbob Mon 01-Apr-19 14:54:25

Thanks guys. Well Amazon haven't delivered my FRER's yet 😡 and all I have left is cheap OPK's. I've heard that they can detect pregnancy so thought I'd give it a go whilst I'm waiting. What do you think? I got a +OPK on a digital at CD12, so I think I'm 12dpo.

Vicsleighbob Mon 01-Apr-19 17:57:42

Just got a FRER and got a BFP within seconds! I'm in shock! Just keeping everything crossed that this one sticks after last time!

Thank you for all your replies 💐

TheChineseChicken Mon 01-Apr-19 18:24:52


Samind Mon 01-Apr-19 18:43:52

Awe congrats OP! Great news 🥰💞

LadiesFinishFights Mon 01-Apr-19 20:16:53

Congratulations xx

Hannah1925 Mon 01-Apr-19 20:27:29

Hello! I wondered if I could get your lovely opinions please 😃 I've been TTC for 6 months. I've been doing boots pregnancy test strips and today 11dpo have got a second line but it's quite close to the end of the strip which is why I'm doubting it? I'll upload a pic. Thank you 😃

Hannah1925 Mon 01-Apr-19 20:29:06

OK I don't know how to upload a pic? I'm on my phone. Could someone tell me how to do it please 😃

Vicsleighbob Fri 12-Apr-19 17:17:28

Just to update you all, after lots of strong symptoms, I managed to get to 5w then started bleeding. Another chemical for me. Absolutely devastated and not sure where to go from here 😢

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