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Is it likely or unlikely I've ovulated?

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jpaws Sat 30-Mar-19 08:34:27

So my cycles are regular at 26 days and this cycle I decided to try OPKs and downloaded Ovia for the first time. I started using the OPKs when it told me to, CD9 I think it was, and only two of them gave me a faint line - which reads as negative. Ovia said my most fertile day was this Tuesday (CD13) just gone and I had the first faint line OPK on Monday and the second one on Tuesday. Wednesday it didn't show any line again. We DTD Sunday morning and I was hopeful we would have DTD again either Monday or Tuesday but DP caught a cold!!
So basically now I'm wondering if there's no hope this month at all and whether or not I actually ovulated confused. I did have LHS pelvic twinge of pain Sunday morning and then both sides Monday evening... honestly, this TTC is enough to send a person mad. I've attached the OPKs I took Monday and then Thursday - the Mon one had colour to it and the Thurs one was a lot lighter - if that even makes a difference haha.

Thanks for any replies

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